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TechTIQ RoR experts are able to provide low cost and highly scalable solutions to our clients with mature software development life cycle and QA procedures to accelerate application delivery.

Ruby On Rails
Our RoR expert provide end to end Ruby on Rails consulting to IT companies around the globe.
PHP Framework
RoR App Design and Development
TechTIQ RoR Expert follow strict methodologies so that the RoR applications develop in no time and delivered.
Best PHP Frameworks
Our RoR Expert Develop & migrate using all rake functionalities with utmost precision.
Advantages of RoR
Using RoR you cab able to get personalized web applications that cover all your business needs and requirement. Our RoR expert have extreme expertise in building distinct web applications.
Ecommerce Application Development
RoR Theme Development & Integration
RoR CMS Development
RoR Layout Design
RoR Migration
RoR Portal Development
RoR Web 2.0 Development
RoR Update & Maintenance
Why Choose RoR?
RoR provide building specialized RoR applications with the latest trends & development structures to RoR Expets. Also Provide Easy Bespoke RoR web app development, re-engineering and app-integration.
RoR open Source Software
Open Source Software
RoR is open sorce software any ruby developer able to access source codeeasily which helps in better customization of the application functionality and optimize it. You don’t have to pay extra charges for bug fixes or any upgrades done to the software.
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Text Based Files for Development
RoR applications can be able to develop using 3 types of text files such as ruby code file (.rb), HTML templates (rhtml or rxml), and YAML configuration files. The text files brings in the advantage of easy editing, moving, deploying, and are simple to backup as well.
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Built-in Testing Environment
RoR framework has a built-in testing environment available at any development stage developers can test the application without adding live data to the database. The test systems that are integrated within the framework for building applications effectively and and tested often for an expected output.
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Tools for App Customization
The integration of RoR is done with a set of tools that make customization easy in an existing app. Therefore, you can able to improve the application by adding new set of features and so on. In RoR makes the web application development project is time saving .
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Hire RoR Developer for Exclusive Quality

TechTIQ have a proficient team of the best RoR developers who are perfect with the advanced technologies and tools used to develop excellent applications. Our RoR expert web developers work closely with the exact client requirements to achieve different business goals including customer interaction, process handling and client collaboration.

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