Is Your Company Disruption-Proof?

TechTIQ was born out of helping companies navigate the digital arena, and very seamlessly build digital products without having to go through the hassle of building their own internal team.

We attract the best talent in the form of product owners, developers of all skill sets, and designers, and get them ready to deliver in a new world where technology is crucial to any business.

Whether your company is introducing a new digital business model, revamping the customer experience or improving operations using innovative digital means, TechTIQ is there to support you from end-to-end.

Our Core Values

Passionate:- At TechTIQ, we believe that we need to be passionate about our clients businesses, and products and treat them as though they were our own. This then sparks creativity, and innovation as we bring more value in the ideation, implementation and delivery of these products

Commitment:- At TechTIQ, we are committed to going all the way in ensuring our clients get value from what we helped them build, as every extra touch counts.

Ownership:- At TechTIQ, ownership is bred at the heart of each team member to understand what value they are meant to add at each piece of the puzzle, and how to help our clients get the most out of what we do.

Empathy:- We believe in listening to our clients extensively, and putting ourselves in their shoes, to understand their pain points. This helps us unlock our creative juices to come up with ideas that help our clients.

People First:- We believe that business is all about the people in it, and that without putting people first, nothing can get done.

Our Vision

Businesses are faced with a massive pressure to integrate digital technologies into all areas of their business.

From the way they operate, to the way they serve customers and to some businesses, they will have to change their whole business model to be more digitally driven.

Our vision at TechTIQ is to become the world’s leading web and mobile app development company and help these businesses accelerate their digital transformation.

We aim to do this by helping our clients one by one, project after project, success after another success.

We started out in London, and have currently spread our wings to serve the entire UK market.

We are continuously growing, and it will not be long and we shall be taking the next flight abroad.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help as many businesses build and launch successful innovative web and mobile applications that actually positively impact the business.

We aim to support our clients in building innovative products that provide a trackable, and proven return on investment in one or more of the following ways :-

Increased market share
Increased employee morale, efficiency and productivity
Better customer experience and increased customer loyalty.
Reduced costs

TechTIQ’s mission is to deliver one or more of these benefits to our clients while our team is generously compensated, and enjoying every single day delivering value to our clients.

Our Awesome Work
A Snapchat of how our Clients are experiencing competitive advantages
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web development testimonial
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We are fully capable of satisfying client demands of higher flexibility with a bespoke engagement model
project based engagement
Our Engagement Model
TechTIQ Solutions suggest project-based engagement model for people who have a pilot project with well-defined needs and deliverables. Employing this type of engagement model, clients will need their plan read by a full-fledged team of TechTIQ Developers.
dedicated development team
Resolute Development Team
TechTIQ Solutions provider resolution or dedicated team services to extend client’s in-house web or mobile app development resources. With the required amount of team members, project managers, necessary equipment and infrastructure based on client requirements.
project based engagement
Service-Level Agreement
TechTIQ Solutions always recommend SLA-driven model for long-term projects with clearly agreed constraints and client requirements.

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