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Our experts use comprehensive set of development tools offered by the Android SDK and develop applications to add value to your business and help your organization grow.

android development
Bespoke App Development
Our developers are equipped with a state-of-the-art technology which helps them customize Android application to meet Bespoke needs of our clients.
android enterprise
Enterprise App Development
Bespoke Enterprise Applications to streamline your business processes improve efficiency and boost productivity.
 android application
Experienced android developers at TechTIQ Solutions work on multiple projects from clients worldwide and are excellent at application testing and problem solving.
Advantages of Android
Android without a doubt holds majority of mobile app development market under its grasp with its Opensource architecture and plethora of development features.
80% Market
Open Source
Easy Development
Customizable UI
Innovation Friendly
Easy Approvals
Multi-Network Distribution
Hardware Compatibility
Market Fragmentation
Ease of Testing
Why Choose Android?
Android gives liberty and freedom to innovate and be creative with your Bespoke development needs. And the Opensource nature has amassed a large community to support you in development hurdles.
android architecture
Open Source Architecture
Android is free to use which means complete liberty to create whatever you want, however you want it. Production costs are drastically reduced when there are no licensing and other royalties to be paid.
android testing
Pro-active Testing
Easy integration of the platform and the SDK even allows you to install & test your applications on the multiple devices after each compilation. This reduces production time and effort a lot.
Easy Adoption & Launching
Android is very easy to adopt if you can code in java, you can start creating applications from scratch right away after registering yourself as a developer. Rooting Android based devices & installation of Bespoke ROMs is easy as well.
android popularity
Popularity to your Aid
84.7% of mobile devices are based on the Android platform.. The number of android users is constantly increasing, this is a huge market to launch your application and start your global journey
Hire Android Developers for Exclusive Quality

Our team of android developers creates applications that are efficient at intended tasks and understand the important of quality and functionality, regardless of the fact that the application id for public application, or a private application within the Google Play Store.

Your needs can be specific or many, our developers are experienced to meet all demands with utmost sincerity and effort plus years of experience to back their tech developments.

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