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Every Coder Should Know HTML and CSS


Just like when you work in a kitchen even if just as a helper you are expected to pick up a thing or two about cooking, measurements, quantities and or different palates, when you work in the web industry it will help a lot to know Full stack developer HTML & CSS that from basics of website Development Let’s look at some of the benefits of learning this language of the web


1 Easy understanding of the web world


Some reports claim that 76% of the world’s websites are coded in HTML. Thus if you have a handle on the basics of HTML, it will help you to better understand and make way in the internet world. You will be able to better optimize your website pages and generate more traffic coming to your website by editing the basic code and get better Google rankings. This knowledge is not just helpful for the coders but almost anyone who belongs to the pipeline can enjoy the benefits and not remain clueless at least to the jargon used by the professionals.


2 Get a hang of Various CMS around.


Content management systems like WordPress have made the web more user friendly to almost everyone. Even the people who are not hard core programmers can take the benefits of the CMS and build a website of their choosing.  CMS are gaining popularity these days because of their user firendly and advanced capabilities to bring in third party add-ons and Plug-Ins. WordPress is mostly used for generating dynamic websites, others such as Jekyll help generating a static website. A static website load much faster and it is good for people who wish to post content only once. Static websites can be created using HTML and CSS and if used properly together they can also give a WordPress website a run for their money.  Learning HTML and CSS offer you a chance of experimenting something out of the box.


3 Customized Landing Pages.


As I said before learning the core language gives you flexibility to stretch your boundaries and choose the type of website you want to create, one thing it also allows you is to build a customized landing page that is way more relevant and catered specifically to the needs of your customers. Designing a custom page can also be done on any CMS platform but knowing the language will also help you save on design costs.


4 Adopting already existing designs and improving.


You will be able to add a feature of any website you like within your web page. All you have to do is right click on the page and see the source code from the given options. node js developer once you understand HTML and CSS you will be easily grasping the code of the website, take what you need and use it to your advantage.


5 Improve confidence and open a new career option.


Learning HTML and CSS to some definitely looks like a boring task in the beginning; but, once you start becoming familiar with the language and see the benefits it offers to you, it will start become second nature to you and you will be able to better understand your field.   You will be able to better communicate with people in the internet industry and if you really get good at it you might end up getting an alternate career option.


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