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5 Ways IT Companies Can Revolutionize Healthcare Industry

health care industry

Technology is constantly transforming the way we live, and one of its pertinent examples is the healthcare industry. Every year, technology is being used in unique ways to improve our quality of life and well-being.

According to Bruce Broussard, the Chief Executive Officer of Humana, technology, unlike anything else offers a 360-degree insight into the patient.

But how exactly is technology impacting healthcare? What are some of its biggest implementations? Well, that’s what you’ll get to know over the next couple of sections.

  1. Electronic Health Records and Labs

Perhaps one of the biggest implementations of technology in the healthcare industry is the Electronic Health Record System. These systems can be used for the following purposes:

  • Reconciliation of Medication.
  • Getting complete medication history from participating pharmacies.
  • Sending mail orders to retail pharmacies.
  • Adjusting doses on the basis of age and weight.
  • Controlling the e-prescribing of certain medications.
  • Assessing the real-time eligibility of prescriptions.

Owing to the advanced safety features of this system, healthcare practitioners can also access the prescription benefits, eligibility, adverse reaction against drugs and suggested dosages.

Software development companies are also introducing electronic labs powered by advanced lab interfacing technology. While this technology goes a long way in helping you connect with your preferred labs, it can also be used for sending/receiving electronic orders from participating labs. Some of the features include-

  • Assignment of tasks.
  • Comparing current results to the past.
  • Alerting about abnormal results.
  • Advanced reporting.

These features collectively help you in delivering safe and completely reliable care.

2. AI Diagnosis and Automation of Workflow

Server companies are also developing artificial intelligence powered engines that use non-invasive sensors for collecting data from the important signs of your body’s chemistry. These tools can be used for diagnosing several medical conditions on actual patients. While most of these tools are still at a nascent stage, future application of them come with promising results and much more efficient treatment of patients.

Yet another major application of technology in the healthcare industry is in the form of workflow automation. The integrated workflow introduced by various platforms are tailored to adapt to the preference and practice style of different healthcare professionals. This system will also mirror your current processes, only to revitalize them with more powerful levels of automation and collaboration.

So, whether it is structuring KPI dashboards, scheduling enterprise management solutions, introducing intelligent billing systems or checking data mining reports- every aspect of this system is well-integrated and customized to enhance learning and ensure better service. At the end of the day, you will be able to reap the following benefits from this system:

  • Better productivity.
  • Enhanced revenue cycles.
  • Lower risks and cost.
  • More optimized collaboration.
  • Better quality of service.
  • Better compliance.
  • Greater patient engagement.

3. Automated Billing Services and Practice Management Solutions

Automated billing services are perhaps one of the biggest developments in the telehealth industry. With this system, healthcare professionals can be constantly updated about billing and everything else that comes between. Most of these systems feature an automatic knowledge base which can be further used for detecting claim issues prior to submission. This will further ensure that 96% of all billing claims are accepted, and also paid in the very first submission. This simplifies collection and makes the process much faster. With these billing services, you can avail the following benefits-

  • Free review and analysis of schedule.
  • Verification of eligibility and benefits.
  • Assistance regarding the enrolment of providers.
  • Submissions of both electronic and paper claims
  • Better managed account receivables.
  • Billing of secondary insurance.
  • Better management of patient calls.
  • Recover of the receivables from old accounts.
  • Tracking and requesting authorization.
  • Posting the payments an insurance of patients.
  • Extensive follow-up on the insurance.
  • Processing and mailing the statements of the patients.
  • Review and management of denials (if any).
  • Management report.
  • Appealing the low-paid/denied claims.

Practice Management Solutions is yet another veritable advantage of technology being used in the healthcare industry. Owing to technological advancements, you will find several practice management solutions that can be used for streamlining clinical, administrative and financial operations of the hospitals and other organizations that offer care delivery services. This doesn’t just assist in collaboration, but also paves way for better growth and productivity.

So, whether you’re looking to boost the value of your services to your patients, enhance the available reimbursements, boost the total efficiency or merely stay ahead in the compliance requirements- these solutions are tailored to meet your needs and thrive in the highly competitive healthcare industry.

4. VR Education

While virtual reality is already quite popular in the wide game fraternity, over the last couple of years, it is being used in the healthcare industry as well. Owing to the growing need of trained healthcare surgeons, VR can be used for training thousands of students simultaneously. What’s more, the cadavers of VR are way more available and inexpensive than their physical counterparts. Due to this benefit alone, educators will be able to have bigger sizes of class, without affecting the quality in any way.

5. Online Patient Portals

With online patient portals healthcare professionals can take can active role in bridging the gap between quality healthcare and patients. These systems will allow patients to request appointments in a secure, online portal. Additionally, they will also be able to receive test results as and when available, assess the educational material and update the status of their health. What’s more, certain systems also allow patients to update the demographics and insurance statistics of patients.

Owing to an online portal, patients will be saved from the hassles of standing in long queue only to request their appointments or get a copy of medical records.

Who’s Driving the Change?

Software development companies with a focus on the Healthcare sector, as well as Healthcare digital product based companies are driving innovation in Healthcare..

From our interactions with different audiences within the healthcare sector, we are constantly coming up with new ways in which we can help improve the operations, and delivery of healthcare professionals.

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