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AI Drives Deeper into Mobile App development in 2018

AI in mobile app development

A decade ago, companies were facing difficulties while adapting to the then new mobile app development ecosystem.

All types of businesses were facing issues to make a presence on the mobile platform. Today the whole scenario is completely different. Anyone and everyone can easily build their online presence.

Not only companies but aspiring individuals can also create a successful online presence with ease.

The world has adjusted to this new Mobile app development ecosystem and technology has catapulted to self-correcting Artificial intelligence.

We can now add cognitive abilities to applications which is the new competitive ground for businesses


What is AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is an area of computer science that gives importance to the development of intelligent machines that will work and reacts like humans.

Basically, AI is a broad area of computer science that makes machines seem like they have human intelligence. “Artificial intelligence” was coined back in 1956 by Professor John McCarthy.

He formed a group of scientists and mathematicians to see if machines could acquire and assimilate information like young children.

They used trial and error to develop formal reasoning. Some of the activities artificial intelligence can presently perform are:


  • Speech recognition
  • Learning
  • Planning
  • Problem-solving


Mobile application shares a fair deal in AI development. AI is currently most used to provide high-level assistance to Mobile Users.

Using AI in mobile app development makes them deeply engaging and helps to maintain a rapport with the user and retains them for long periods.



AI in mobile app development

Personalized User experience

Modern app sare not created with just the intention of automating routine tasks, the goal now is to make them understand logic and self-correct on their own.

Enterprises are focusing more on improving customer experience by using a large amount of data to predict needed services and ease regular things for customers.

For example, if you use any app or website to plan a journey all you have to do is type in a destination and the AI will suggest food choices, transportation options and other related info based on data collected from you in the past to create an experience you will prefer over others.

These new smart apps incorporate AI technology so advanced that sometime we will feel like its some human who is interacting with us at a point.


Personalized Shopping Experience

People come for many reasons on the internet like social networking, buying movie tickets, buying products online for e-commerce websites and read movie reviews, restaurant reviews before visiting a place.

The data collected from all these different channels are used to create an asynchronous experience on the internet. For example:

when you come online to shop it will show you products that you show interest while you are on social media like Facebook and Twitter.

The images that you view the most, types of articles you read and the searches that you perform on Google all come in one place to simulate an online experience that is just right for you.

Evolving Improvement

The technology is evolving rapidly with more and more competitors jumping on the AI bandwagon.

The human mind is the most complex system ever to decipher hence the possibilities to keep predicting the best are endless.

Businesses will need to make sure that their tech is constantly improving to keep up with changing trends and keep improving customer experience.

What was relevant few weeks ago may disappear today that is the speed of trend chance in tech today. We need to continuously test, create and evolve.

Cloud computing has also helped in catapulting data collection and analysis as the use of smartphones increases.

Although all these technologies like AI, Cloud computing, AR/VR and IOT are here to stay the main focus now for most companies is the consumer.

Artificial Intelligence is definitely not going anywhere, it is still in its infant stage and still, it has taken over a lot. Mobile apps now are much smarter than they were in comparison.

Apps collecting data and predicting user behavior will keep evolving with time. And with tech like AR/VR, the application for AI are endless.

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