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Will ? CI developer’s Dominate Web Development in 2018

Will CI Developer Dominate Web

CodeIgniter is open source development framework which follows the MVC framework pattern.Based on the MVC pattern, it is widely known for its speed and performance

for its speed and performancemetrics, making it an ideal choice for modern web development practices. Its goal is to give you the easy and proper way to develop the project much faster than you could do. CodeIgniter is sort of a boon for people who have been working on the PHP framework. PHP is used to make your website dynamic and engaging.

The area where CodeIgniter is better than PHP is that it has plenty of open source frameworks that can help you develop web applications in a short span of time. It is simple to use, learn and deploy. Also, it allows developers to find errors in code and fix them instantly. This ease of use and ready to serve functionality has made CodeIgniter a web developer’s favorite. Developers who can work on CI are in great demand because of this reason. codeignitor developer are looking to hire laravel developer because of its easy and robust functionality.

Let’s look at some of the reasons why CodeIgniter is preferred over PHP for web development.
Ci Is Trendy
Ci Is Trendy
  • CodeIgniter comes in the model-view-controller (MVC) framework. No matter what creative and innovative concept people may come up with CI makes it possible for bringing those into real applications. The best benefit of using CI is no matter what complexities you face you can easily solve and create those ideas in a simple manner. A framework that is an all-rounder is rare.


  • The amount and quality of libraries available as a part of CodeIgniter framework are so wide. And has so many varieties. You enthralled to create a multitude of applications that are user-friendly and effective. Your users will get logical structure and an easy interface when you use libraries provided by CI. They also make affordable web design packages to become possible.


  • This framework has no complex coding rules. It allows the developers to write their own coding and naming conventions.


  • This lightweight and extensive framework guarantee high performance in creating highly competent and reactive applications.


  • It comes with a number of “how-to” guides and a set of references to make development easy and reliable.


Web development companies in London are looking to laravel developers uk for dynamic, self-learners with extensive knowledge in the field and also the framework. They experienced in Debugging and Problem Shooting. They should be able to make use of Plentiful Learning Resources

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