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A Quick Comparison Between Angularjs Development and Nodejs Development.

Angularjs development and nodejs development

It has continually been a confusing part for nearly every client to decide on in between angular js development and nodejs development for their web applications.

Moreover, we’ve got encounter variety of clients who wished us to recommend that technology to use for building server side and client side web applications.

However, understanding the distinction in between AngularJS and Nodejs is should before you choose any of them for your server side and client side web Application.

Primarily, angularJS Development and nodejs Development each are JavaScript frameworks wont to develop web applications.

At first, JavaScript was used for easy things like Validation of type data, Image zooming on hover of a thumbnail, animating HTML components and others.

However, from a previous couple of years, JavaScript emerged for the most part, and it’s become a strong programing language to make optimised server side and client side web applications.


Node.js Development:


angularjs development and nodejs development
NodeJS Development


Node.js is written in C, C++ and JavaScript languages to move with server-side and build swish and robust web applications.

Moreover, it’s a cross-platform runtime environment for web applications. It uses the V8 JavaScript engine to execute JavaScript code.

It’s kind of like JRE (Java Runtime Environment), Adobe AIR, CLR (Common Language Runtime), ART (Android Runtime) or Action Script.

It widely used for making server-side Real-time web applications.


AngularJS Development:

AngularJS by Google is additionally JavaScript framework however it’s distinctive syntax and tag attributes.

Moreover, it’s MVC primarily based design. What is more, AngularJS makes use of custom HTML tags and HTML tags attributes (directives).

Though it written in JavaScript, it entirely different than other JavaScript library like jQuery.

AngularJS, a wide accustomed create a great single page client-side web application.

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In conclusion, Node.js is runtime environment helps to develop server-side web applications whereas AngularJS is helpful to create the single page or multi-page client-side web applications.


You must install Node.js so as to put in writing a net application using Node.js. It just put in Windows, MacOS and Linux.

On the other hand, AngularJS doesn’t have to be compelled to be put in. Moreover, you forced to add core library files of AngularJS to develop your initial web application using AngularJS.

AngularJS is compatible with all popular web and mobile browsers.


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Nodejs Development Applications and Uses

Node.js, an incident driven architecture that is helpful in making real-time web applications like Chat apps.

It conjointly supports non-blocking input-output I/O and has inbuilt core modules.

One in each of them is an HTTP module that employ to make web server in your Node.js net application.

Moreover, several different frameworks engineered using Node.js (express.js, meteor, geddyjs, mojito, sails.js, partial.js etc.).

These further frameworks with an inbuilt set of options help you to put in writing compelling, quick and scalable server-side web applications.


AngularJS Development Applications and Uses


Angularjs development and nodejs development
AngularJS Development


It permits you to make MVC pattern with two manner data binding.

Two manner data binding suggests that changes in the model propagate to look at and changes seeable  mirrored in the model.

It makes your client-side web application additional powerful. AngularJS is extra fashionable to create single page client-side web applications.

In conclusion, each is open sources and compelling to their options. You’ll derive your net application demand and select the one consequently.

Node.js  used to make real-time server-side web applications whereas AngularJS is additionally appropriate for making single page client-side web applications.

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