Difference between App Development & Web Development

Which is better, web development or app development?

Changes in the app development industry are going on at a berserk pace simply like everything else relating to the Internet. New advancements, improvement situations and business systems rise each day to challenge existing conditions. To become a successful developer you need to know the difference between Mobile App development and Web Development.

  • App and Web Both have strategies centered around the consumer interaction.

    In spite of the colossal pace of progress, there is one variable relating to mobile app development that will keep on increasing in significance into the future is user experience. User Interface or UI is basically defined as the means by which the user can interact with a computer system.


The mobile application development industry, when contrasted with the web development industry is another and developing field. When we initially began in 2009, there were just a few companies hoping to build various applications and even less that could construct them.

Mobile application is fairly new while the web development industry has been around for almost 20 years. Technology keeps developing but it is built around the notion of how people interact with this technology. User experience is always at the center of application development mobile or web.

  • Mobile App development is not an extension to Web development.

A common misconception among the developer community was that an app is a compressed website for a smaller device. This limited many creative and technological benefits an app can actually have. They built dull, non responsive apps that failed to serve its purpose and many of them were then junked or uninstalled. Mobile app development is a whole new study in itself. It has its own functions to fulfill. Mobile apps are directly connected to users and people access these applications through their phone and interact personally which requires different functions to fulfill.

  • Mobile first approach than Web

To make Mobile app development successful, we have adapted to design for mobile first methodology, unlike with web and desktop design. The designer and developer have to do a lot more with a lot less while designing for web and desktop. They are also expected to do so while providing a enjoyable user experience. The mobile experience comes with many limitations than website design.

  • Security and Privacy of App and Web

Security and privacy updates are very straightforward for websites. All you do is update the code on your production server. In contrast, security and privacy updates for mobile apps require a great deal of preparation and planning. Updates for mobile apps need to be released online and downloaded on the mobile devices for changes to take place. As a result poor planning will affect the complete production pipeline. In contrast, this is not the case with a website code release. The only users that will see a mistake are those that visit your site

Additional differences between mobile app development and website development that can be considered are like bandwidth constraints are much more limiting with mobile app development. While download speeds are important in website development, they are even more so in mobile app development because there are lot of ranges available download speeds in a wireless environment. A fast download speed is the basic requirement when developing mobile applications.

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