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How to Hire the Best Nodejs Developer?

Nodejs developer

Node.js is basically a JavaScript extension– which transforms a restricted JS language into the multipurpose option. More often than not, Nodejs Developer is utilized for the backend development.

The basic engine of Node.js – V8 – is its critical useful factor that influences the execution of App in the best manner.

So on the off chance that you are intending to make an extremely ‘reactive’ application with complex logic.

Which wouldn’t slack while executing it (especially, amid the handling of ‘customer server’ demands), Node.js would be your best decision.

Additionally, because of the all-inclusive formats for acknowledging standard usefulness, the built-in packages manager NPM takes into account designers to concentrate their execution on the development of functionalities software solutions.

Ultimately, Node.js:

Is a standout amongst the most prestigious devices utilized in the API development. Hire a Nodejs developer in London to get the best advice for the procedure.




Proceeding onward, the talked about platform empowers one to utilize the same information on various levels (if you are working with an MVC or MVVM frameworks, such as Express.js, Koa.js or Sails.js).

This implies that a given framework is an ideal answer for collaborative work since it gives the capacities for the formation of a flawlessly organized project that will, in the end, be easy to develop.

The below-mentioned pointers will help to answer the ‘why hire a Nodejs developer?’ question and influence you to perceive how much your staff requires a committed professional with high capabilities.

The other thing is that it isn’t so easy to procure Node.js software developers. Underneath, we give you a list of duties and prerequisites the potential dedicated mean stack developer must meet.

Basic responsibilities of dedicated Nodejs experts are to cover the organizations business logic for applications’ backend. For that reason, they utilize either the eminent JS or its more particular varieties.

For example, CoffeeScript or IcedCoffeeScript. Moreover, specialized programmers in Node.js, work through the apps mechanism’s server part communication with UI.

The list of standard responsibilities assigned to a dedicated Node.js developer is in the following way:

Nodejs programming;
• efficient analysis of requirements immediately;
• server logics processing;
• interact with components of the software developed by other developers;
• implement interactions with DMS (Database Management Systems) & other autonomous data storages;
• should also work through data protection mechanisms & manage the performance of the application;
• optimize the app for speed;
• Work in a team.

Now, look at the cost to hire a Nodejs developer. The cost basically depends mostly on experience, employer’s location and the working conditions, remember that the NodeJS experts in London and Eastern Europe are able to give the best price to quality ratio.

Looking at the current practice, even beginners at the start of their career charge a considerable monthly fee.


Optimize the searching process:

Because of multipurpose and intensity of the Node.js platform, and additionally the fame of JavaScript – its establishment is crucial in the phase of CV review and tech meeting to see.

If you select has the required abilities and experience which will enable them to take a shot at the up and coming projects.

Need Node.js for your application, as well? You can see the list of prerequisites to be met by the best Nodejs developers beneath.


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Skills that the best Node.js specialist will have:

Aside from the customary expert characteristics of a decent programmer, among which are: recognition of advanced education; direct engineer involvement (important when you enlist Senior Node engineers); sorted out nature; great order in English.

And the capacity to peruse others’ code; procuring engineer with the Nodejs encounter, you additionally should issue the accompanying necessities:

Node.js- techtiq

Besides the traditional professional qualities of a developer, like; education; developer experience (needed for when you hire Senior Node.js developers); organizational abilities;

English language fluency, and the ability to read code by others; you also must check for the following requirements:

• Design pattern command;
• Analytical mindset;
• Object-oriented programming principles are well understood by him;
• Efficient logical thinking;
• Should be able to implement relations between multiple autonomous data sources;
• A thorough understanding of the principles of the reusable code development;
• Scalable software solutions principles;
• Testing platforms skills;
• Separate modules integration
• Knowledge of software version management systems;
• The differences between mobile & desktop apps requirements;
• Command over JavaScript/CoffeeScript/IcedCoffeeScript;

Required Practices:

• Test-driven development practice
• Practical application of the asynchronous code development;
• Application of Angular.js and/or React.js;
• Practical application of security management tools;
• Application of SQL/NoSQL databases;
• Practical application of HTML5 & CSS3 technologies;
• Application of AWS, Digital Ocean, Hetzner, Heroku;
• Application of Big Data;
• Practical application of cloud SDKs, such as or Office 365;
• Some experience in web-applications integrating payment gateways (e.g. PayPal, Stripe or Braintree);
• At least some experience in creating the ‘REST’ful API.



We were not able to cover a lot of skills of perfect Node.js designers for hire ought to have.

By the by, understanding with the previously mentioned focuses is somewhat of a certification of nature of Nodejs Development benefits that a potential employee must be prepared to give.

We hope that the information from this post will help you to settle on a choice.


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