Hot Mobile App Development Trends in 2017

Smartphone’s have become a part of our daily lives and Mobile App development Essential tool for IT Industry.

Right from the time we wake up with a morning alarm to scheduling daily tasks, listening to music, reading the news and watching YouTube videos, checking daily emails. Even office work has become mobile through

Enterprise mobility so updating statuses and replying to customers or bosses and managing your daily work has become mobile as this improves productivity. Everything is seamlessly executed from our mobile devices. More than 2 Billion humans are currently using Smartphone’s and according to a report:

“Adults aged 25 plus use their phone about 264 times a day, including texts and calling. For people aged 15-24, the number is 387 times every day. If average sleeping time for this age group is 10 hours, this equates to some sort of Smartphone activity every other minute.”

Isn’t it mind boggling!!! Well it’s true and the speed with which mobile technology is encroaching on us certain hot mobile app development trends are here to stay this year.  Let’s have a look at some of them.

  • Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) 

Web apps supported by Google AMP will load very fast on mobile devices eventually helping reduce the bounce rates and improve visibility and reach for businesses online. Hence, this advanced technology will stay hot on the mobile app development trend list in 2017



  • AR & VR become more easily accessible.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality has revolutionizes the gaming and entertainment industry. This is by far the closest we’ve gotten to Holographic Fantasies. Games like Pokemon Go and Sky Siege are excellent examples of AR, VR devices like Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard  are gaining popularity.

The scope for growth in this sector looks promising and we have a long way to go so AR and VR are here to stay for years to come.

  • Artificial Intelligence is here and it is evolving.

We are already using sophisticated AI apps like Google Now, Siri and Prisma and through the use of advanced analytics; machine learning techs and cognitive interfaces into complex systems will provide powerful insights to business users that wasn’t available earlier.

The advantages have forced Tech giants like Google, eBay and Facebook have already started acquiring startups who are working in the AI sector

  • Wearable Devices are getting smarter than ever.

Recent years have seen some amazing wearable smart devices the Apple Watch Series 1, Google Daydream View, Pebble 2, Xiaomi Mi Band 2, Fitbit Flex 2, and much more. The range of smart devices show that they are not just restricted to any one specific sector. Smart wearables have infiltrated healthcare, sports, space travel and many other industries.


Apple Watch
Pebble 2
Fit bit flex 2
  • Wrapping Up

When the question is where the mobile app tech is going to go the sure shot answer is ‘limitlessly everywhere’. Developers are building new and improved tools everyday to keep up with the technological race that is picking up pace in 2017.

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