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How Product Engineering Can Transform Your Business?

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What is a Product Engineering?

Basically, Product Engineering as the name suggests is the engineering carried out on a product/ service in order to be efficient and easily marketable! Product Engineering is an umbrella term that encompasses everything that comes in the process of development of the product. It includes both the design and manufacturing stages that the product goes through.


Can an IT or Web Company implement Product Engineering at its workplace?


Yes! Product Engineering (PE) can be implemented at various domains within an IT (Information Technology) Company or within a Web Development Company. The domains can be the Internet of Things, Augmented Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Web Development-(PHP) Web App Development, Mobile App Development, etc.

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Segments of Product Engineering


Product engineering (PE) is an analytical and scientific process at the management level which involves two segments:


One of those segments is technical which includes: Wireframing, Prototyping, Graphics Designing, Development, and Quality Testing of a product.
Another segment is about management, and it includes Business Analysis, Operations Management, etc.

Product Engineering

The management concepts like Design Thinking, Six Sigma, Lean Concept, Five S, Four P, Spaghetti Chart, Kaizen, Kanban, SWOT (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, and Threat), FMEA (Failure Modes and Effects Analysis) are few things that can be brought under one banner and that banner is none other than Product Engineering itself!


What is the role of a Product Engineer?


The roles of a Product Engineer are somewhat similar to that of a UX Designer and a Business Analyst, however, has larger objectives and roles in terms of Management.

It is an important organizational role, especially in IT companies that set the strategy, road-map, and functionalities, dimensions, usability, and estimation for a product. Here, the product could be anything from ‘Artificial Intelligence’ based robot to a simple ‘Website’ or a ‘Mobile App’.

A product engineer should be able to guide the product throughout the process of development. Building rapport with UX and BA Professionals for planning about the features, specifications and Ergonomic Design.

Building rapport with Developers and Quality Testers for the accuracy of the project! It is important to help the developers understand the nature and features of the product so that they will build it right! (See: Web Development Agency in London)


When do you need Product Engineering?


Suppose your business gains a lot of profit and plans to expand across geography. It is a common trend in the business world to flex the muscles as soon as the opportunity arrives.
You need ‘Product Engineering’ to get that necessary transformation to be able to flex the muscles!
Or suppose the other case around, if there is something that has halted your growth. You or your team of management is clueless about how to deal with the change? Then let me assure you that product engineering services or product engineering professionals are something that will help you with the effective progression.


Why TechTIQ gives importance to Product Engineering!


TechTIQ firmly believes that products should be developed such that it enhances the user’s experience. A product engineered to perfection will by default become popular among the circles and shall enjoy some favorable response in the market. During the product engineering of a product, we try bringing clarity to the thought and concept.


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The best-built product, be it a web application, website, mobile application, or a complex stuff the like robot that uses artificial intelligence, or a video game based on Augmented Reality, will survive against all odds!


FMEA: ‘Failure Modes’ means the ways, in which something could probably fail leading to errors or defects. ‘Effects Analysis’ may refer to the prediction of the aftermath. Here FMEA helps in predicting the potential negative outcomes and their potential effects on the overall thing.

SWOT: An acronym that stands for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats. Generally, the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats analyzed and noted down for the growth of the company.

Ergonomic Design: It speaks about designing the workplace such that it reduces the human efforts to get a work done and reduces the work fatigue.

Kaizen: The philosophy of ‘continuous improvement’ or the ‘endeavour for betterment’ called as Kaizen.

Lean: A concept which speaks for reducing the redundant activities or the activities which are not necessary.  Also, It speaks for optimizing the process for better productivity.

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