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How Web Development Can Help Your Business Grow and Perform Better.

Web development


  • Operations
  • Customer Experience
  • Business Model
  • Marketing


At TechTIQ Solutions, it is our role as a web development agency to help clients identify and execute the hundreds of ways in which they can use the latest web technologies, to improve their business.

If you’re wondering whether we are going to blabber on about the web technologies to use, or what the latest web development languages and tools are? Then you’re glad I’m not about to disappoint.

Just continue on…

Leveraging web technologies is always more to do with the business function. And how you can make things better rather than the technologies themselves.

For this article, we are going to delve into four major areas-
We believe web development can bring about the most improvements in any business, although we could have looked at several facets of a business.

These are:

  • Operations (the way your employees create and deliver goods and services)
  • Customer Experience ( this is the interaction between customers and you’re organised, and the entire duration)
  • Business Model (how your business intends to create, deliver and capture value)
  • Marketing (how your business creates relationships with customers)


How can web development improve your customer experience:

Companies like Amazon, Netflix, and Uber have made customers demand a fast seamless experience when buying goods and services.

A few years ago, a modern web and mobile experience was a nice to have. Then it eventually became a competitive advantage, but it is now slowly becoming a must-have.

Customers want a quick and seamless experience, and they want it right now.
They want to login to their accounts, and in real time, track their consumption of an item, transactions data etc.


web development


Users want you to recall their information from the last interaction they had with you. They don’t want to give you their information all over again.

Customers now expect you to give them each one of them personalized recommendations and interactions. It is essential for you to do this at scale.

Businesses that have figured out how to use these web and mobile technologies to improve their customer experience arguably have less customer complaints. And find it easier to attract and retain customers.

The key to create awesome web and mobile experiences that your customers love is to map out the current journey of customers goes through. Then figure out along those points how to make it easier, more efficient, faster and seamless.

You would then map out sketches and also clickable prototypes to use it from a customer’s point of view, and eventually, take it out for web development.

You would then educate, test it out with customers, and use their feedback to improve the process and keep the cycle going.


How web development can improve your business operations

Traditional businesses are notorious for neglecting the customer experience and placing their biggest emphasis on operational efficiency. In contrast, smaller businesses and startups usually place customer experience at the forefront. And thus it end up neglecting the operations side of things.


Web development enhance business operations
Web development can improve your business operations.


In the process of digitizing your customer experience, consider all the touch points between your employees and the customer and all the steps involved in producing your good and services.

Great customer experience is much more sustainable if you have great employee experience to go along with it too.

You can build web tools that can automate some of the manual tasks your customers are currently doing.

You can build web tools that make it easier for employees to share data between different departments in order to serve the customer better; or easily produce your current goods and services.

What about tools that allow you to easily train and develop talent in your company; web based training systems are much more scalable, repeatable and trackable than running employee workshops.

What about applications that make it easier for your employees to manage their schedules, book holidays etc.

Applications that help you or your heads of departments to easily communicate with the entire team, let them know of the targets, any new things coming up, without having to hold entire meetings for them.

There’s a vast number of ways to optimise your operations using web development, a great way to discover these opportunities to increase productivity is to map out your current processes if you have any.

You would then look at all the touch points and discover how you can make them more efficient, if you want us to help you recognise, design and implement these opportunities, feel free to reach out.


How to use web development to redesign your business model?

We’ve all seen what the tech giants have done to traditional industries, making them almost obsolete in a matter of a few years.

Uber changing the way people book taxis, or Airbnb disrupting the hotel space, and amazon disrupting retailers. Spotify changing the way we consume music. And so on and so forth….

Here’s the question?

What if Amazon came to your industry?

  • Are you waiting for them to come, or are you going to be nimble and agile and figure out ways in which:
  • You can create new value to your customers
  • Alter your value proposition
  • Form new partnerships with other digital players through APIs

Take a bird’s eyes view, and figure out new ways in which you can use web technologies to create new value for your customers.


How web development can help you reach and create relationships with customers?

The power of having a well crafted website that sings your brand, connects with customers and also gets them to take action is unheard of.

Gone are the days when a website was simply a little project that you gave to your nephew to pass some time in the holidays.

All your customers are looking for you online before they interact with you, or during their interactions with you, and you have to be able to take control of that journey if you are to remain relevant.

Your brand needs to be present at all points of your customer’s buying journey, in order to get ahead of your competition.

Your website will not only hand your sales teams more leads, but also make them easier to turn into new business as your customer will already have considered you as a potential company to deliver the value they are looking for.



Web development platforms can certainly help you grow and make your business efficient, if well thought out and executed.

We are happy to freely give you a hand in identifying these opportunities for growth, reach out to us now.

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