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Ionic Apps Are In Trend For 2018

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Mobile technology is advancing to become more compact and unified every day such as Ionic App Development. Where we had different platforms to do multiple things now we have compact outlets and apps to do all our tasks.

To speak freely today the world is divided into either Android or IOS users worldwide.

We have apps native to either Android or IOS platforms and now we also have hybrid apps that can run on both platforms.

Let’s have a look at what these hybrid apps are and what benefits they have over native apps.

The Ionic framework is an AngularJs based structure. It enables a developer the ability to utilize a combination of a programming language, like HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript.

With the help of these programming languages, ionic or hybrid app developers will be able to outline innovative User Interface and present easy-to-understand features for their intended audience.

  • Open-Sources

The framework is open-source which means any developer around the world can start developing right away without having to purchase costly licence’s.

People are mostly dubious about using an open-source program as it runs the risk of being unstable but that’s not the case with Ionic Framework.

Its stable fast and reliable and it can create a native feel right away. Android app development is also open-source but it limits your reach to only Android operating devices.

  • Developer Friendly

Ionic frameworks offer you easily picking and choosing the different elements instead of coding everything individually. The advantage to using a set of default UI elements.

Forms, navigation menu, filters, list views, action sheets, tab bars and other UI paradigms are easily available for developers.

They can utilize in their design, helping developers focus on building apps rather than wasting time and effort in writing code for the common UI elements.

Moreover, the code is reusable so developers can rebuild an app for other operating systems with ease.

The default UI available is clean and you can also add a personal touch to your app by including CSS classes.

iPhone app development and Android app development can fuse to create hybrid apps for both platforms

ionic app development and ionic app developer

  • Uses AngularJs

AngularJs is used for creating both mobile and also web apps.

The Ionic structure utilizes AngularJs to offer a bunch of centre functionalities to the designer with the goal that they can incorporate pulling components into the application.

It uses the syntax extending of HTML to include components of app and data binding.

JavaScript-based AngularJs framework allows the user to build high-performance mobile apps on the Ionic platform.


  • Single code for everything

Investing in apps for both Ionic App Developers can burn a hole in your pocket. Plus the time needed to learn and master two different programming languages.

Ionic gives the developer the flexibility to create hybrid cross-platform apps without running into any hurdles.

Building an application without a moment’s delay is essential, and it should be compatible with all mobile devices.

It’s easier to build high-end user interfaces with added functionalities.

And also reuse the same code to build apps for different platforms.

Ionic App developers are making complete use of this platform to create stunning cross-platform apps.

  • Utilizes Cordova Plug-in

Cordova plugins used by Iconic do wonder for the platform.

And also giving access to different features of the operating system..

Likewise a battery, pro-location, camera, access to logs even more.

According to your business and offered administrations.

Mobile app developers can utilize any of these modules to build their ideal mobile application.

The Ionic framework was created to bridge gaps between AngularJs web apps and hybrid mobile apps. It has the ability to take advantage of the rich AngularJs and Cordova library for developing highly interactive hybrid applications

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