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Should you build an iOS app or an Android app?

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An Insight

On getting a fabulous idea, one can get enticed to somehow find out an expert team of app developers (Click here: App developers in London)

Who can help with the ios and android app development, and build a mobile application that can run smoothly on every possible smartphone present on the face of the Earth.

Whether it is an iPad, iPhone, or Android, the dream is to have a versatile mobile application that can run free of compatibility issues on these platforms.

The cause is to make an ‘all-important app’ such that it popularises itself and the maker as well.

However, ‘an important mobile app’:

That can help users in many ways, can actually move away from its main design and significance, in an attempt to build it for multiple platforms.

In most cases, a better idea is to start building an app for one particular platform first, not multiple platforms.

Because the complexities involved in building it for all platforms can ruin the very UX (User Experience) of the application.

It can even adulterate ‘that creative idea’ which initially propelled you to have a mobile app of your own.

Good to have positive amendments for the betterment of the app, but not at all good to have changes that spoil the very essence of the mobile application.

It is advisable that either of the Android App Development or iOS App Development should be chosen.

The Great Ideators

To give you few examples of this concept, let me introduce you to some facts: ‘Instagram’ which was initially built for an iPhone platform in the year 2010 was in no hurry to launch its Android Version.

Instead of rushing to launch its app on all platform, Instagram preferred to intensify the UX of its existing iPhone version of the application.

So the basic motto of its iOS App Development of Developer was to focus on ‘what it had’ rather than ‘what it could have’!

It is indeed challenging enough to build a quality mobile application that smoothly operates on one of the platforms.

Adding fire to the fuel, the Cross-Platform Mobile App Development can increase the complexities, thus reducing the probabilities of the desired app being developed.

If your audience, big and your idea, unique then it  advisable that you only start working on other platforms once if you convinced that no more changes required in the overall significance and UX of your App.

Otherwise, you would end up having many big changes across multiple platforms and devices which can result quite futile and cost bearing.

Let’s compare Android App Development with iOS app Development

Market and Revenue Generation

Both Android and Apple iOS account for 99.6% market in terms of smartphones. Android wins hands down with 86.2% of the market share with Apple iOS with just over 12.9% share.
However, Apple generates 45% more revenue per user than Google does from Android.


Android is more prone to hacking as its OS Model is open as compared to that of iOS. Android gives away your personal info to the apps, which is not the case with iOS app Development.

Apple is positively adamant to not disclose the private data of the user to the third-party apps.


In terms of User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX). Apple seems to clearly top the charts, followed closely by Android at the second place.

UX Index for iOS 7 stands at 73%, and that of iOS 6 stands at 69%. On the other hand, the UX Index of Android-based smartphones is much lower at 50-60%. iOS offers a lucid interface.

Which is navigation friendly and which makes life easier for the user. Whereas, Apple Apps, more beautifully designed.

Android offers a variety of applications to choose from, and this helps in the overall user experience.

Application Development Complexities

Android App development and iOS App development, never thought without knowing the complexities and technicalities to implement them.
Android App Development facilitates high levels of customization, whereas this is a challenging thing with Apple’s iOS App Development.
App development in Android takes 40% more of code lines as compared to Apple’s iOS. It also 30% more costly than its counterpart.
Android also shows susceptibility when it comes to the compatibility issues. Debugging and amendments, a real task in Android OS compared to iOS, due to higher device fragmentation.

Behavioral Pattern of People

There must be something special with the Apple’s user interface and experience. That its users are more loyal and happier than Android’s users.

The conclusion that, Apple users generally stick to Apple forever, rather than switching to a different operating system.

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