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11 Ways To Get Your App Featured in the iOS App Stores

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If you are an iOS app developer or a client, then I must advise you to read this blog to full, before you think of launching your app at the iOS App Stores.
You should take note of the following 11 points before you think about having your iOS app featured in the App Store.

1. User-friendly and value-added functionality iOS App

Mind you! There is no alternative to quality! People will not compromise with anything which is par below the quality standards. Ensure that your app is of higher quality than its competitors featuring the same functionalities. It should be lucid, friendly, and adding some value.

You need to have a great, creatively designed iOS app that touches the needs of people searching for the similar kind of app solution.


ios app development


Moreover, you need to understand that App Stores’ editors will hardly choose to promote your app by featuring it if they are not sure about its credibility! Why would they feature a ‘not so good’ app?

Why would they compromise with the quality at the stake of losing vital app users? Now come on! Look at things from the perspective of a user! And you will get an answer to your quest!

Remove bugs, improve speed and agility, make it great in terms of UI-UX. Doing this leads to user-friendliness that we are talking about. iOS app developers are expected to be keen at enhancing the user experience.

2. Choose native platform over hybrid

Using the native platform to build a native app is what you need – to avoid any risk of rejection. Apple prefers featuring apps that are built specifically for iOS platform, not hybrid or cross-platform. If you believe that your app has the potential to be featured in the iOS App Store, then you should never build it in cross-platform. You should strengthen your endeavours on iOS app development.
Native App Store
Moreover, Apple likes natively built iOS apps as they are indeed qualitatively built and have a better UX than their hybrid versions (if any).
With hybrid apps, you are forced to make compromises in many aspects like – user experience, usability engineering, so that it can be deployed on other platforms.

In short, when it comes to getting featured in the App Store, you will stand no chance if it is hybrid in nature. So better build a native app because the UX is often fabulous with native unlike hybrid apps, and it stands a chance of featuring in the App Store.

3. Align your app with Apple’s interest

You should know by now that Apple is always searching for ways to promote their own IT products. And when you’re willing to have your iOS app featured in their App Store, you need to align your goals with their interest. For example, if Apple is promoting an API, you could build a product that accommodates this particular API.

iOS App Development
iOS App Development CDN Mobile Solutions

Developing your App with their update is one of the easiest ways through which you can get your app featured on their App Store. If you help promote Apple products to users, Apple shall probably promote your product as well.
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4. Stay updated about their latest releases and be smart

Please pay attention to their yearly updates be it software updates or hardware updates. This shall help you with your app development endeavours to build a good quality app. You will know the latest trends out there, and hence you shall align your app with the trend.

5. Keep your app update-friendly

This one is essential. An app should upgrade itself if it has to survive three odd years in such a competitive market. Apple features those apps that are regularly updated and are relevant to the masses.

6. App Store Listing Optimization

You have very less time, i.e. a few seconds to impress and persuade the app user.

Optimize your App Store page accordingly so that you get a great response. Each element on your page is essential for persuading the app user to download it. In layman’s term, the more enticing the description, the bigger your possibilities are of having your app featured in their iOS App Store.

iOS App Store Optimization
App Store Optimization

Search bar within an iOS App Store is the most important way by which people discover your app. App Store Optimization is the procedure where your app store listing is optimised such that your app features higher in App stores’ search results.

Nailing down the Keywords is the key to success. Listing Title should contain your prime keywords. Otherwise, your efforts with app development go in vain if the optimisation is not done appropriately.

7. Creative Icon


creative icons - TechTIQ Solutions


Your icon should be fresh, enticing, and informative. An icon is a symbolic representation of what your app is all about!

8. Keep Your Ratings High

The logic behind having a good using ratings and reviews is the fact that they are the reflection of the user experience.
Three things that people look before they click on the download/install button

• User ratings
• User Reviews
• Features

Try to maintain a 4.4 and above ratings. Even Apple moderators use the same criterion while they select apps for featuring. Remember that, Apple is always thinking about user experience which yields them Money. So it user ratings matter!

9. Tackling negative reviews

Negative reviews are the biggest spoilers. People may like everything about, and all of a sudden decide to withdraw only because of these negative reviews. Tackle them cleverly and most importantly try to improve your app, if the said negative reviews are right!

10. Buzz helps

IOS app development is incomplete if it is not supported by a lethal branding strategy.


Digital Marketing Zeeshan


Hence, before and after the launch of an app, use Digital marketing to spread awareness about your mobile app. Use social media sites like Youtube, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Facebook to brand your app.


11. Apple pays heed to good and persuading pitches

Be good at convincing Apple’s Editor! If you believe that you need a professional English writer, then get one for it. It is damn important!


• A quality app requires fewer efforts for making it feature on App Stores!
• The competition is high, so you need to be smart in branding your app to the audience.


iOS App Development With TechTIQ Solutions
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