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Latest Mobile App Development Trends to Watch Out for in 2019

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From the last couple of years, we have been observing that how mobile app development trends are continually transforming our day-to-day lives through the web and mobile applications.

From messaging apps to the apps use for online shopping, ordering food or bus booking, apps are making our lives easier and also are generating immense revenues. Referring to the Statista report, mobile apps expected to produce around USD 188.9 billion by 2020.

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2018 has been a great year for the mobile apps market. Relied on the advanced developments and ongoing trends, what is it that we can look ahead to witness in the year 2019?

In this article, you will get to know about the latest mobile app trends for 2019-


mobile app trends for 2019


As professionals said, mobile app development is a sector which is known as one of the fastest expanding industries. Researches have also forecasted that there are no possibilities to indicate it will go down.

Presently, there are few segments that obtaining momentum are social media platforms and the gaming applications. TechTIQ solutions Ltd London provides full-fledged Mobile App Development services as per modern app trends and standards.

Now let’s take a glance at advanced trends that directly reshape the app development industry.


5G Knocks The Door-


As 2018 was the year when firm 5G apps obtained their legs, and 5G knocks the door in 2019. We will also notice 5G Wireless discovering its route to the Smartphones.
Further, 5G will extend the possible outcomes that existing systems such as 4G LTD contribute by not only enhancing the user experience but also the mobile apps business.

Presently, the applications that take minutes to uploads and download, under 5G, will be possible in no more than seconds. 5G is 100 times faster than 4G and will also expand the apps market as the chances for applications will be huge.

To develop a mobile application, it is very essential to examine device features and its network specifications, to assure that the app works smooth and flawlessly while meeting the user’s expectations. Speed limitations will end remaining an issue with 5G.


IoT Enabled Devices-


Any electronic appliances in your home controlled by your smartphones, this is what IoT is about. Our day-to-day life can be lightened up by such IoT associated devices. Initially, it was only for the smartwatches and smartphones but now any software that is involved in the network connectivity zone can connect and also controlled by the IoT applications.

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Source: blackberry

The IoT objects are now also able to interchange the data without any human interface. IoT is a huge technology for the application development and is at the top in trends that are going to control 2019.


Beacons Technology-


Beacon technology is booming nowadays. Beacon-based applications are expanding across the globe. Apps developed using beacon technology utilised as the virtual guide. In 2019 Beacons Technology will make its presence stronger.


Source: Techplayon


Thus, the trends will be to build more beneficial apps to work on beacons technology and make virtual guides and personalized data sharing smoother.


Wear Is In Gear-

Smart watch technology
Wear is in gear.


No doubt this is a trend that’s not going to end or obsolete in the year 2019. Every wrist will be holding a smartwatch linked to their smartphone. They will track each and every damn thing for you.

For example, the steps walked, calories burnt, heart rate, hours you slept, how much food intake and more. The market for wearable is on the boom and also the number of associated wearable devices across the globe is supposed to reach above 830 million in 2020. Furthermore, wears are the most adapted things to stay fit and healthy.


Geolocation Sensing-


Presently, the smartphones are preferring to advance with the location sensing technology. Not all similar to that but soon in the coming future, many devices furnished with the motion sensing and geolocation technology.

Applications with motion sensing are helpful to the issue and problems such as power saving, anti-theft, and also security concerns. Proceeding to the location-based apps, they great fit for gaming, fitness, and also for the vehicle navigation applications.

Below listed are some examples of motion sensing and geolocation are:

• Magnetometer
• Accelerometer
• Gyroscope
• GPS- Global Positioning System.


Cash Payments Turns To Mobile Payments


As per IT, Pro Portal reports, it declared that global mobile payments beat the mark of $700 billion by the end of the year 2017. Also, according to their specialist’s evaluation, in the coming four years, mobile payments will reach around $1200 billion.

Since customers have been steadily transforming the way they shop. Earlier, cash was the only way and habit of shopping, but then credit and debit cards came into existence. Although now it’s all about the virtual money and digital currencies that gave birth to M-Commerce also known as Mobile Commerce.

The 2 tech giants Google and Apple also own Google Pay and Apple Pay which in the coming year or two will definitely be seen in the entire industry via m-commerce.


Cloud-based App


In the future years, cloud-based apps will grow and become a necessity rather than an extravagance choice for the people who are willing to pay additional money to have high security.

Cloud-based apps have multiple top hands such as heightened security, surged productivity, inexpensive hosting cost and operational cost, and the best thing is uninterrupted execution.

Cloud-based applications claimed to excellent for tackling various security-related problems. Therefore, it’s adoption will be higher in the coming future. Mobile applications are going to be speedy, reliable, and extremely secure.


The Rise Of The Robots-


Hence the experts have continued harping on AI- artificial intelligence and machine learning from a few years now. While developing an app, artificial intelligence can assist to deliver advanced and high-level analytics, cognitive interfaces to complicated systems.

AI is set to contribute few authentic appetizing advantages for enterprises and customers alike. Thanks to the advancement in artificial intelligence, presently it is an effortless job to integrate chatbots within applications without including complex coding.

This and several more other advantages the AI can bring to mobile app development in 2019.


To Conclude-

You have known the advanced trends 2019, now it’s the time to embrace your business for the same. If you want top trending Android or iOS apps, TechTIQ Solutions Ltd, a Mobile app development company is here to help you out.

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