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How To Write A Mobile App Development Requirements Sheet?

mobile app development

The biggest reason why developers never meet their clients’ or executives goals is always down to misalignment in what exactly needs to be achieved during the mobile app development process.

This huge problem not only increases the mobile app development time of the project but also the cost of developing the project.

We have provided the specific guideline that you need to develop a mobile app development requirements sheet or product specification sheet that will make sure that your developer totally understands exactly what you are looking for.

You can also download this mobile app requirements template that will make your work a lot easier.

Now you might not have to use the entire guideline, but the more detailed you make the product requirement sheet, the more level-headed you will be with your development team or outsourcing partner.

Business Requirements / User Story

To a large extent, the developers must understand what exactly the application is intended to do for the users as this will give them more clarity on what they are building and why they are building it.

You could describe the idea in a few simple sentences in terms of its purpose, what problem the application is meant to solve for the user? or how it would improve your organization’s existing process?

mobile app development

Image: Business Requirements

The business requirements can be discussed with your top managers, to come up with a solid vision of where the product is headed.


Describe the sequence of events:

Present a brief description of the user’s journey through the application, and the sequence of events that happens while they are using the application.

This could be from the time they register or log in, to logging out.

A brief example: Once the user logs in, they can click on “my profile” and then be able to view/edit their profile, add pictures etc.

When they click on the home page, they can scroll down to see their friends posts, like, share and comment on them etc.

If the application has an admin panel that has to be built; you can add a brief section of what

you would love to be in control of; how many stakeholders involved in the admin panel, whether they need their own mobile applications too etc.


Complement the sequence of events with wireframes /sketches

You can draw some rough sketches to help the development team visualise what the application would look like.

mobile app development

Image : Wireframes / Sketches

These, as rough as pen screen sketches that then eventually scanned, or they are done using a professional mobile wireframe tool.


Product Technical Requirements

The product technical requirements will describe what technical bits that the application needs.

You have to let them know what platforms you want the application built for, do you want it to be for ios, android, or windows?

And would you have them rather develop a cross-platform application (cut down costs) or build native applications?

If you have certain APIs that the application needs to integrate with, mention them here as well as any API documentation to make their work easier in understanding how they have to build the application.

You can also mention whether there are any other systems that the application needs to run alongside, and perhaps mention that the credentials will be provided, or if it’s possible you can list them there then.

You can also include a brief description of your current systems. And if the application would need a back admin panel, mention it.



Following some factors needed for applications to run smoothly.

  • It can be a piece of hardware that the application would need to interact with e.g. In the case of an Internet of things mobile applications, sensors etc.
  • If the application is going to run on a third party software then you would have to perhaps buy the software. And provide the credentials to the mobile app developer.
  • It could be credentialed to existing internal systems that you want the developers to work with.

If you are building upon the existing code base. You could provide the code base for the developers to update the entire application.

Budget allocated:

If you are looking for a mobile app development company, it could be understandable. If you are not willing to disclose the budget you are allocating to the project. Since some of them can actually instead prey on you.

Or give you something substandard just to keep you within the budget.

And the other half of the time, it actually works out in your favour since the mobile app development partner would tell you the best way to keep you within that budget.

Whether that is focusing on the main features and leaving out some. Or even adding more features that would enhance the functionality of the application.

At TechTIQ Solutions, you tell us what you are looking for, and we suggest the best possible solution to solve the problem at hand.

Timelines i.e Deadlines, Launch Dates:

It is important to mention to the developers what sort of time frames would be ideal to finish and launch the product.
This helps them establish a tentative timeline for the project.


Putting it all together:

We have attached a template that could help you build your mobile app development requirements/product specification sheet.

The mobile app requirements sheet, just detailed enough to be understood. A lengthy 30-page document would be counter-productive for you and your development team.

We can freely help you develop your requirements document sheet. Get in touch with one of our business analysts to have a run through your project with you. Fill in the enquiry form, or drop us an email on


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Chris Peter Kimera is the co-founder of TechTIQ Solutions, a software development agency in London. Chris is very passionate about building highly effective outsourced product development teams that build game-changing solutions


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