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Why Is Mobile App UX Design Important for Startups?

UX Design

Visual appeal alone is just not enough for your app in the mobile age. Most successful brands would agree that to develop an irresistible app you have to design your app by keeping the Users experience at the center of your design.

User Experience (UX) is part of any brand’s design and development process. Considering current user trends, UX has the ability to make or break your business. There is a lot of competition for every service out there and to stand out among the rest you have to be very good at User experience.


What is User Experience (UX)?


User experience pertains to the person’s feeling with the mobile app development in london interface. People who work with like from TechTIQ Solutions assess and discover how users actually feel or think about the brand or products in terms of design trends, ergonomics, usability, system performance, utility, and the like.

Speed is what drives people of today and in order to capture and engage this audience, your product needs to be fast enough to keep up with their pace. Your pages should be able to load in just 3-5 seconds or the user will quickly jump to some other provider. This modern breed of shoppers believes in not wasting any time – whether it is for work, business, or even shopping. They will not wait for your sluggish design to load when there are tons of other options available way faster than yours.


Importance of Mobile App UX Design


For your app to be successful, you need to provide your end-users a pleasurable experience with a user interface that is engaging. A very good and efficient user experience design for the development of a mobile application is vital to creating experiences that are engaging. The major reason is to achieve business goals for building a brand name, improve brand reputation, and generate more traffic and revenue.

It is important as a mobile app UX designer that you are able to simplify steps, be on top of things, and ensure that all functions are working and accessible. User-centric design has evolved into UX design services that focus primarily on matching the needs and expectations of target users. Mobile app design or ios app development london like TechTIQ Solutions make it a point to provide comfort, convenience, and usability in a speedy manner. It aims to provide ready and actionable solutions to many issues that confuse your audiences.

Mobile App UX Design for Startups


Mobile apps started out as very basic and simple interfaces which were considered secondary support or an extension of the website but then evolved in complexity over time gaining more importance as the world becomes more and more mobile friendly. This is where mobile app UX design entered the equation. The user experience design then started to become more user-centric to get ahead of the competition. One important fact of mobile app UX design is its usability factor. It focuses on the main functions of your mobile and looks at how easy or fast enough you can accomplish everything. Is it easy to navigate? How fast or smooth is it to book an appointment or buy a product?


You need to understand that not all mobile users are tech-savvy so you should build or design your mobile app that caters to both the technically proficient and the average laymen. You have to provide the necessary features, tips, or functions that will help them to work around your app like a pro would.



If the user experience is great then people will surely come back for more. A solid Full stack developer is crucial to any brand’s success. Mobile users don’t want a complicated app to add up to a stressful life.

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