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Outsourcing Your Mobile App Development vs In-House Team! What Is Best For Your Business?

mobile app vs inhouse

Modern mobile technologies produce out complex applications and the latest high-speed games regularly, for users. Mobile app development companies compete with each other to produce the best features for the end users.

While developing a mobile app, it’s important to choose whether you want to outsource the development or hire an in-house team for your app development.

The Mobile app development consists of two sides i.e. outsource and in-house development. Let’s delve deeper to know which one is more beneficial and reliable: outsourcing or in-house mobile app development.


Outsourcing Mobile App Development-

Assigning your app development project to a professional mobile app development company is a wise start if you want to save your time and also have a higher quality app that reliably delivers excellence.

Outsourcing companies offer stunning app development quotes to appeal to customers. Once you outsourced the app development project, you don’t have to take any burden of mobile app project. All the challenges are managed by them while you just need to wait for the final product to get in your hand.

You are liable to set a deadline for your project delivery, that makes it mandatory for outsource associate to deliver you the product till that particular date. Thus, it enables you to map your app’s promotion activity entirely in advance, as the delivery date is previously fixed.


Outsourcing Works-


  • Well Acquainted with a team working on your project
  • No Communication gap
  • Constant and also real-time monitoring on project
  • Full-fledged Support
  • Also, can avail 100% Satisfaction


Team Working


Let’s check out the benefits of outsourcing app development

1. App development companies implement an end-to-end solution – from concept to app support.
2. Immediate start of operations and ensures that less time is spent among the client brief and the project lead and no time wasted on market processes.
3. A minimum risk associated with the development as the project variables are accepted up-front.
4. Proficient mobile app developers get the work performed faster with their superior devices as well as working experience.


1. No control across the development process and drain of intellectual property.
2. There are an inadequate amount of changes allotted free of charge.


In-house mobile app development-

In-house development is usually best for large businesses, that have or are planning to perform mobile central to their expected long-term strategy. Businesses willing to go for an in-house mobile development think that it is much quicker, simpler, efficient and also adept. In-house app development can cost you high, as all the necessary tools required for app development need to  implement. You will also need to have proficient and experienced developers team to execute your app development project successfully.


In-house Development Works-


  • No Communication gap
  • Well Acquainted with a team working on your project
  • Constant as well as real-time monitoring on project
  • Also can suggest changes instantly.


in house development


Let’s check out the benefits of in-house app development

1. Sometimes, in-house projects can have a quicker sign-off cycle due to factors like all concerning individuals being on the same location.
2. It also allows full control across the development project.
3. Many options are available while choosing the latest technology.


1. Starting expenses are extremely high, particularly to establish infrastructure.
2. Risk of running extra costs, if your developers get stuck or lost mid-way and outside experts have to be roped in.
3. Licenses and certificates that are essential for obtaining app codes and software tools are purchased after paying an expensive fee.
4. Lack of expertise.


Moving towards decision-

The final decision is mainly based on the expense factor and also on your chances of risk-taking. In today’s technologically booming world, companies are constantly under high pressure to compete with each other and achieve a remarkable foothold in the mobile app business.

Thus, I would recommend Outsourcing a mobile app development company. It will be more beneficial as it holds a vast range of advantages and facilities as compared to in-house development.

The main reasons why you should consider outsourcing your mobile app development are-

• Great expertise,
• In-depth analysis,
• Economical resources,
• High-end quality,
• End-to-end assistance.


Many Companies do provide Outsourcing services with entire solutions from development to app launch as well as its promotion.

TechTIQ Solutions, a bespoke app development company provides an entire solution with high-quality apps which meets the client requirements.

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