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7 Skills PHP Developers Need To Succeed

php developers

PHP is a very popular and dominates most of the web market space increasing its demand day by day. In the meantime, there is the shortage of expert PHP developers in the market which makes it hard to estimate a pricing in the market.

“How Do I emerge?” is a question every aspiring coder especially PHP developers is asking himself. While there is certainly not a straightforward response to this, there are different ways one can up his game over the peers by developing additional skills and abilities that are hard to find.

The goal ought to be a total programmer by growing great aptitude across engineering (coding, outline designs, unit testing, calculations and so on.), management (application lifecycle, version control and so forth.) and environments (databases, working frameworks, and operating systems, protocols and so on.).

Organizations search for talented experts who are equipped for conveying complete solutions. Here is a rundown of the skills which you have to expertise in the PHP Job market:


There is some technical requirement for PHP developers:



PHP is an object-oriented programming language, which implies that you can make objects, which can contain factors and capacities. These objects are basic when managing PHP, as nearly everything is an object: for instance, arrays or functions are objects, as well! The significant idea of the object-oriented programming in PHP was acquainted with php5. You require to have to great understanding of OOPS

PHP Frameworks:

You should be good with at least one PHP framework. But it will be even better if you happen to know more than one framework. Utilization of a framework helps in faster developments, gives efficient, reusable and viable code, permits MVC pattern to isolate presentation and logic and help to make adoption modern web development practices much easier, for example, object-oriented programming tool.

Few popular PHP frameworks are Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symfony, Yii 2, Phalcon, CakePHP, Zend etc.


Better that you include ‘Composer’ in your list of skills to make life simpler for you. The composer is a very good dependency manager for PHP and it deals with as the name suggests, managing dependencies that are needed during any project. This implies Composer will pull in all the required libraries and manage all in one.


It’s a universal assumption that an expert PHP developer will be good with functional knowledge of front-end as well. Like nuts and bolts, one ought to have the great understanding of HTML, Responsive website, JavaScript CSS, JQuery, architecture and how to function with media queries and CSS pre-processors like LESS and SASS.

If you have to stay on top of the competition you need to have the sound understanding of the latest JavaScript frameworks and libraries. Single page web page applications heavily depend on JavaScript frameworks, they extend the abilities of plain HTML and JavaScript.

Popular JavaScript frameworks that you can keep a handle on are angular JS, Backbone JS, React JS, and Ember JS etc.
Client side libraries are jQuery, MooTool, Dojo, YUI, etc.
Server-side libraries are Coffee-script, Underscore, Express, Request and Connect among others.
You should also be able to communicate with the back-end using WebSockets or AJAX.

Web Servers:

A good Php developer is well acquainted with web servers like Nginx, Apache, or any other web server for that matter. An experienced PHP developer must be able to set up these applications and serve his website contents.


If you are looking to be the best PHP Developer you are expected to have some amount of hands-on experience in creating and managing relational Databases. Databases such as PostgreSQL and MySQL. You should ideally know the differences between relational and non-relational databases along with knowing the syntax of XML / JSON.

System Admin & Network:

Many companies would hire PHP developer who is adept with Linux and .NET as these power most of the Internet. You have to have hands-on experience with Installation and configuration of LAMP environment. Additionally, knowledge of cloud hosting and Amazon Web Services, Rackspace or other providers and its APIs can be a great differentiating factor.

You will be chosen based on your expertise and the ability to explore is related segments and your positive outlook towards upcoming web technologies.
A fair knowledge of computer networks like TCP/IP, HTTP protocols and programming sockets can come in handy.


Searching is integral in the majority of websites and a developer expected to have a handle on how to set up and use search servers like Elasticsearch or Sphinx.

Caching & Monitoring:

An understanding of Caching is also important to know reverse proxy, Varnish, Memcached and Redis caching are popular tools. An expert will know each of these and make use of it effectively. Nagios has emerged as the most popular tool for monitoring.

Nagios help in monitoring the entire IT infrastructure and helps in ensuring that systems, services, applications. And business processes are functioning correctly.


A good knowledge of version control, also expected from a PHP developer. As an expert PHP developer who wants to differentiate himself in the market should at least have some familiarity with at least one of the version control tools like Git or SVN or Mercurial etc.

Virtualization facilitates a fast and easy process to define, reproduce, therefore, share virtual machine configurations among multiple developers. This makes a developer’s job very easy.

Source: virtualization

To conclude everyone brings some new to the table and progressive company values that. In the development world, you cannot just stop anywhere. You have to stay constantly updated with new. And also upcoming technology to make a real difference on your profile and reap maximum benefits.

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