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5 Reasons Staff Augmentation is Taking Software Outsourcing


According to the annual Harvey Nash and KPMG CIO research where they surveyed 5000 senior technology executives, 60% consistently reported a shortage of technology skills and hiring as their number one challenge and taking decision to software outsource.

As more businesses continue to become IT-driven, the demand for talented IT professionals will continue to increase, yet hiring and training individual IT experts is expensive for companies.

KPMG Survey and software outsource

[Source – kpmg cio survey 2017]

Modern businesses make complete use of the flexibility and convenience of sharing their burdens of work and fill emergency resource roles with the help of third party service providers or like software outsource .

You can outsource certain processes or even hire team members on a contract and increase internal expertise right away and reduce employee costs and reduce IT management burden as well.

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing strategy where a company brings in temporary staff from a consulting company, to work alongside their existing staff during the lifecycle of the project. This is a more flexible solution to project outsourcing.

It starts off with analyzing the project, and realizing what specific skill sets are needed to be able to finish the project within the allocated time period.

Time-to-market cycles are critical, and therefore companies having to hire, train and onboard new IT professionals run at a risk of not bringing to market innovative solutions in time.

TechTIQ Solutions provides talents developers in: “iOS, Android, Java, NodeJS, AngularJS, MongoDB,

Benefits of Staff Augmentation


At TechTIQ Solutions for example web and software outsourcing company; with a team of 80+ technical experts which we constantly train, and a 24 hour hiring process we are able to scoop out the top 1% of developers whenever they become available on the market ready to work for our clients.

From .Net, Java, iOS, Android, Oracle, Sybase, MySQL, Ruby, Scala, AWS, Xamarin, python or C++ experience, we provide a breadth of technical experience that meets the client’s gap in demand.

A client therefore has a huge range of technical expertise to tap into whenever they are needed without having to hire, train or incur any expansion expenses.


Not all projects require a full team of global developers. The client can decide to either expand or reduce their development team whenever they want to depending on where they are at in the project’s lifecycle.

Just to possess the ability to expand talent pool for ongoing projects means flexibility in expertise.

This level of scalability enables the business to meet its development goals within budget, and time frame.


Whether you want some development tasks to be accomplished before the start of your in-house working team, or you want the developers to work on-site together with your team, TechTIQ Solutions are flexible and depending on your needs, the developers can easily integrate with your team.


Clients that only want a team for the lifetime of the project find it extremely expensive to source, hire and train a full time that they would only need for a shorter period of time.

TechTIQ Solutions would provide them with a full time pre-screened, and trained team without having to pay them benefits, payroll etc. and in a very short period of time to get them setup and ready.

Staff augmentation can save such companies up to 60% costs.

No long term commitment

It is basically assumed that when offshore options are considered it’s because assumed that the motive is cost. Clients do not need to undergo the long term commitment with a developer that they would not need after the lifetime of the project.

They can decide whether they want to eventually hire them fulltime and keep them as an employee of just employ them until the project is finished.

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