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Top PHP Web Developer and Development Trends in 2019

php web developer

PHP web developer framework is a back-end scripting language that helps to develop a web app. The tool makes the work less demanding for engineers by giving a predefined structure.

First of all the assistance of the PHP system, the engineers can spare a considerable amount of time and work so as to assemble a secured and solid application.

The PHP frameworks have been making the job simpler for PHP developer in London over 10 years now, and this prominence has led to the creation of different frameworks.

At this moment, you will discover a plenty of PHP frameworks in the market promising you the best assistance, anyway, there are just a couple of them worth your investment.

In the event that you are stuck why you require a PHP framework then here are a few advantages you should know first.

• Accelerate development with the assistance of best methodologies
• Staying away from the need of composing similar codes over and over, that spares time and work
• Enhancing the codes utilizing the Model View Controller (MVC) for speed
• Making the improvement speedier by making functionalities so the developers focus on creativity
• Reusing the code so similar codes can be utilized as a part of various undertakings with a few alterations.

These are some of the benefits of a PHP framework, these advantages are sufficient to persuade you to take a look at the best PHP frameworks in 2018 or you can hire php developer in London to help you with choosing the framework.


1. Phalcon

Phalcon has been active from 2012, and it works as a C-extension and it is an MVC based PHP framework.

The framework acquires the blasting speed from C and C++ and uses distinctly fewer assets in contrast with other PHP frameworks. Phalcon accompanies ORM, MVC, storing, and auto-loading components.

Plus, the framework additionally offers the storage tools like SQL dialect: PHQL, and Object Document Mapping.phalcon-techtiq

2. Zend

Zend is a standout amongst the most utilized frameworks and it is used to deal with complex requirements.

The framework is significantly utilized by the designers for the top of the line enterprise appl to guarantee security, unwavering quality, and execution.


Zend framework


Features embedded in it like confirmation feeds, administrations and form components make Zend a perfect decision for an enterprise application development project.

Nonetheless, the enterprise driven nature of the framework make it unsuitable for rapid app production. App developers in London prefer Zend for most development projects.


3. Fuel PHP

It is the most adaptable full-stack PHP framework favored by a large number of developers when prime concern is security. It joins HMVC (Hierarchical Model View Comptroller) which is an extension of customary MVC.

Fuel PHP offers developers an intense ORM support alongside different security updates with an authentication system included. All the new age highlights make it the most advanced framework accessible at the present time.


4. CakePHP

In the event that you are starting in the PHP world and searching for an agreeable framework, at that point CakePHP ought to be your first decision. The framework is perfect for the business web applications that require lightweight API’s.

CakePHP accompanies various accommodating highlights including code ages and predefined functionalities that pace up the improvement procedure.


It dispenses with the requirement for confused XML or YAML config documents that make the setup a basic assignment. Moreover, in CakePHP the assembles are quick and accompanies the security highlights like XSS, SQL Injection, and CSRF.


5. Phpixie

Another child in the city that intended for the designers taking a shot at less complex ventures. Phpixie secluded, lightweight, and fast and it likewise accompanies the cutting edge security highlights and confirmations.

The applications requiring less entangled API’s can use the straightforwardness of Phpixie to take care of business quick.

Moreover, the Phpixie likewise underpins the cryptography for security, MongoDB, and code imparting to the author.


6. Laravel

Laravel is the most prevalent framework among the designers that contains a tremendous PHP environment. It is quick and solid that aides in building up an effective application without putting much exertion.

You will get a huge amount of highlights that could help you in building up your application rapidly. You can easily hire Laravel developer to create apps for you from freelancing websites.

Laravel developer

Outstanding amongst other highlights of the Laravel is its templating motor named Blade. The Blade enables the designers in tedious assignments like storing, confirmation, sessions, RESTful steering, lining, and significantly more.


7. Yii

Yii is one of the most seasoned PHP frameworks accessible these days however it is essentially quick and secluded.

The component bundle with the framework makes it the most lightweight and proficient PHP framework to chop down the improvement time.

Yii offers MVC, DAO/ActiveRecord, I18N/L10N, storing, validation, framework, testing and substantially more to make an engineer’s life simple.


8. Symfony

Symfony is another well-known PHP framework that can be portrayed as exceptionally steady, secluded, adaptable, and superior apparatus.

The framework is utilized for complex applications by the engineers. It accompanies numerous reusable segments and an arrangement of codes that empower the designers to set up a brisk advancement and organization condition.



Because of its various advantages and highlights, Symfony moved down by a substantial designer network that offers a tremendous gathering of reusable PHP libraries.

These reusable codes utilized for a major undertaking application that requires complex structure.


9. Codeigniter

Codeigniter, a lightweight, and simple to utilize framework known for its issue free condition. The best piece of Codeigniter is that it doesn’t require any command line or installation.

It comes just with a little impression that introduced rapidly by transferring the record straightforwardly to the hosting.


The tremendous and devoted engineer network behind the development of Codeigniter because of it utilized for undeniable applications.

The framework claims numerous PHP libraries that also assist the engineers to assemble complex applications so effortlessly.


10. Fat-Free

On the off chance that you know about the miniaturized scale PHP web development framework, at that point, you ought to likewise realize that Fat-Free is the best one you can discover.

In Spite of being a microPhone framework, Fat-Free contains full stack highlights for the application improvement.

The framework manufactured utilizing Symphony that made it lightweight and super quick. Fat-Free is both SQL, and non SQL upheld that empowers the quicker web assembling and streamlines the advancement procedure.

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