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Top Social Media Channels for business


Social media has grown so much that it has disrupted the old ways of getting things done; it brought the world so close that we can now market directly in people’s faces.

Social media platforms have made custom targeting of people most likely to become customers easier than ever.

The growth in Social media and technologies is so creative that we are now able to directly reach a strong possible customer base and talk to them, convince and convert them from wherever we are in the world.

Social Media Marketing is the new term you are looking for when you seek to do business today and attract customers.

The question arises of which platform to go for to use social media advertising for your business?

For creating a successful social strategy, you have to first familiarize yourself with their working style. Let’s look at some of the Top Social media Channels you can use for building your business.



The name that stands out and comes on top is Facebook in this game and the 2 billion mark of user base is a testament to why it stands on the top.

The demographic Facebook covers include almost everyone. And as a plus Facebook is the easiest to manage when it comes to advertising.

The amount of data and flexibility for advertizes ensures maximum reach to the right people and improves sale.



Twitter is known for its ability to make your posts to go viral: The trick is in the sharing and retweeting of your posts which in turn increases the number of followers you have.

Hashtags are the real life force behind improving visibility on Twitter.

Hence paying close attention to what is trending today and including relevant Hashtags in your posts improves the visibility of your posts and also increases chances of your stuff going Viral.

You can retweet relevant people with a lot of following and hope for getting followed back.

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If you are in a B2B domain, LinkedIn is the right social media platform for you to concentrate on.

LinkedIn is best for connecting business professionals in any industry as it helps you to target professionals by industry and job titles.

As the name goes all social media is about making connections and LinkedIn prioritizes relationship building more than anything.

LinkedIn Groups is one of the best features for businesses. Businesses can gain a lot by establishing Groups in their target niche or industry and invite others in your target market to join



Instagram is a very powerful photo sharing platform and many businesses have used it at events and tradeshows to market brands and products. It’s a photo app, where users can upload and share images.

This may not seem like much but Instagram does pack a punch when it come to using it for marketing products to a specific consumer base, especially with Millennials.

If that’s the consumer section you are looking for and if you can generate good photo content you can make Instagram your best ally.



The other name that resonates as loudly as Google search is YouTube. Aside from being the second largest search engine, YouTube owned by Google.

So if your content is good and SEO friendly you can definitely rely on YouTube to market your products. YouTube is for Videos and Videos have the most powerful engagement powers over all other types.

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