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Is WordPress Good For Website development ?

Wordpress Techtiq

You don’t need to be an Internet expert or a coder to use WordPress. All you need is an internet connection and a web browser to create your website.

You can go directly to the website, sign-up and get started immediately. If you are building a basic website, you will have your website set up in less than 5 minutes. And for a small fee, you can even host your website. But if you want to use the advanced development tools you can always hire a web development company UK that will do it for you. WordPress development agencies in London are making a name for themselves by delivering amazing

TechtiqWordpress WordPress
TechtiqWordpress WordPress


A website made completely on a free platform is very difficult to argue with. No need to spend thousands of dollars on expensive solutions. Your website can also be hosted for free on WordPress; you only need to pay if you don’t want WordPress in your URL and Ads on your website. You need to hire a website designer is negated as there are plenty of free templates that you can use to being with.

Lately, many responsive templates have also been introduced on the website to improve your website functionality across all devices. Although these designs may not suit your particular brand, starting with a basic design and later hiring a website design company for future improvements is a good idea. The amounts of Plugins provided are great for adding additional functionality to your websites.

wordpress is for Everything
wordpress is for Everything


The WordPress community has a magnanimous user base as more than 75 million websites out there are built on WordPress. So there is a huge community facing and solving similar issues that you are facing.  Although there are always Pros and Cons of everything, WordPress outweighs the cons with its robust functionality and features.

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