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About Client

Client is mid age person, lives in Alpine, USA. He has done his graduation in finance from Brigham Young university and then Masters from New York university. Now he is a founder and owner of one of the successful business. He is hard-working, extremely motivated, and very determined person.
Problem Definition

Parking issues is a major concern now a days, where ever we go first we need to spend our valuable time to find a appropriate parking space for our vehicle which is very difficult to get now a days. Also Availability of the parking space is also major concern, whenever we plan go out to watch a show or a game, first we think of where we will park the vehicle or will we get a space in the parking lot, if its full then where will we go for vehicle parking . Again there is common problem, every time we have to think of vehicle security before parking, so we need to find a secure place to park our vehicle which is very hard to get

Key Problems
Parking Problem
Not sure about Parking Availability
Vehicle Security
Solution we Proposed

As the problems defined by the client we projected scenarios and made a parking system application.As the Issues defined Parking problem was a major issue thus we provided a system which will help the users to book a parking space in advance, so that user can be sure about the parking space whenever he/she goes out.The system also provides multiple functionality to user like booking in advance or cancel a advance booking etc. The issues of parking availability was solved as the user can see the parking spaces and book the available ones, there are lot of options available online.User can easily book in advance whenever he wants. Thus a reliable system was proposed.The user can book the spaces using two payment methods i.e, by Paypal and Apple Pay. Also during adding new parking space the owner of parking space will add the features of the parking space which also states whether the space is gated, lightened and spacious etc. So all things are managed accordingly. So by use of this application you can be sure that the parking space is gated and secure.No need to worry just pay and park.

Benifits Summery
Time save for finding parking space
Less fuel consumption for finding better parking place
Guaranteed Allocation
Guaranteed Allocation
Vehicle Security
In advance booking for parking
Income source for hosts (who provides parking area)
Social utilization of space
Technology Used
Backend : PHP Laravel 5.2
Frontend : Swift 3.1