Case Study
The Project

Merqantis is a comprehensive marketplace where buyers and sellers from across the globe can interact, engage, and innovate the way in which they do business.

For their sellers, getting their food and beverage products out there can be a struggle. Finding the right market and the proper exposure isn’t the easiest thing to do.

They know that high sourcing quality, affordable food and beverage products can sometimes be a hassle. That is why they are changing the game!

Merqantis offers fast transactions, more appealing products and also a diverse portfolio of buyers and sellers, all on one super easy-to-use platform.

Specific Problems We Diagnosed
We have to separate deals in three sections Market, Shop and Auction. There was a limitation for Auction deals, so we need to give timer there.
There was a problem in adding user to user and also group chatting option.
What did
What We Did

We had separated Market, Shop and Auction section and added a timer for Auction by using angular.

We searched plugin to show every client's products with their location on Google map and also successfully develop in our site.

For social networking, we had gone through some social sites for whatever things we do can be uploaded on the site. So by using Php and angular5, we have done posting, sharing, tagging on this website.

For chatting purpose we searched many plugins and tried to find a suitable plugin for the website; finally, we found ChatCamp, and we have successfully updated the chatting functionality on the site.

Clients Success Is Our Success!
What Our Clients Achieved?
Our Clients received a robust website for their sellers, making their food and beverage products out.
They got an innovative system of ordering products between buyers and sellers.
Technologies We Used
PHP Codeigniter framework.
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