Case Study
The Project

In the digital age, small restaurants struggled with keeping with the demands of their customers that wanted to order food using their mobile phones or systems easily.

Building bespoke ordering apps for a small restaurant would be a very huge cost to these restaurants, and it was not worth pursuing.

Small restaurants would then turn to order platforms like Deliveroo and Just Eat, which took huge commissions and to a certain extent commoditised these restaurants as they had no control over their brand.

An entrepreneur approached us to build a platform that would allow small restaurants to build ordering apps with their own branding, and easily push them to the app store as well as ordering web portals.

Thus we successfully developed an app as per their requirement.

Specific Problems We Diagnosed
Building bespoke ordering app, i.e., Order on chef App was a challenging task, but still, we developed a robust App as per our client's need.
There was an issue in enabling the users to access app as "guest user".
Also, we faced an issue in fixing the time slots for a particular order, and future orders as Restaurant have their own zone to delivery.
Problems We
What TechTIQ Did
We developed a full-blown software as a service platform that had restaurants signing up online; and able to add menus, colours and backgrounds of their mobile apps.
And with a single button, push them on their app stores ready for their customers to download. We made the apps intuitive and easy for both their customers to use and their employees delivering the food.
We even added extra features like loyalty and reward system that would allow restaurants to build a loyal customer base as well as decrease their customer acquisition cost through easy referrals on the mobile app.
What Did
Technical Specifications