Case Study
The Project

Qeasily was started with an idea to build a simple language learning App for toddler among us. As they began they expanded on the concept to make the App more interactive and robust. And then they extended the idea further, and as things became more interesting.

They Approach us for developing a Robust Learning App, and our team accepted it and built the robust App for all students from 5th to 12th STD. Students from CBSE, SSC (English, Semi English) Board studies can get this compelling Smart Study app that will help them to grow more.

It is All-In-One Solution to manage your smart-students and smart-classroom! It is Simple. Powerful. Affordable App.

Specific Problems We Diagnosed
As the App was challenging, Our developers had to face some issues, and a few are listed below.
During development, we have to face some problems that are, the multiple questions from each selected subject and maintain the all question data with the answer and its flag.
Also, some of the questions were having mathematical equations and accurately showing the mathematical equation was that challenging.
Problems We
What TechTIQ Did
Our team built the robust App for all students from 5th to 12th STD.
We solved multiple questions problem for each question from various subjects so the user can see all questions with right or wrong flag.

In some questions, we have mathematical equations, and we solved equations rendering by using web view component.

We also solved video playback problem by using the third-party library so now user can easily interact with video.

We have fulfilled our client's all requirement and provided a wide range of support whenever they require.

What Did
Technical Specifications