Case Study
The Project

QuickPick is an on-demand delivery service app for the construction industry. Whether you need lumber, plumbing, electrical, or HVAC materials, the app can make the delivery. Download the app, enter the pickup address, delivery address, and stuff to be picked up, their drivers will respond to get your material delivered quickly.

QuickPick app provides services for all, and they can service your on-demand delivery needs for any business auto parts, flowers, groceries, you just name it they will deliver. Also, you can get your household things by using a QuickPick app.

You just need to sign up and get your material delivered and take one task off your list.

Specific Problems We Diagnosed
It was a quite a challenging task to design an app like Uber with the best specifications. Below are some problems we had to face at the time of app development.
Navigation System accuracy needed same as uber for a driver.
Manage the trips, also the live customers handling, assigning the trips to drivers in the live environment.
Problems We
What TechTIQ Did
With the great efforts, our team succeed in developing the Robust App with the best Specifications.
We proposed client with the mapbox system, and we integrated the mapbox with the QuickPick system to come up with a perfect navigation system and enrouting.
We built an architecture where the whole system is working real time, all the events like the new trip request from the user, driver acceptance and all the live tracking events can be captured, and a proper system is traced from the trip request to the trip completion. We developed and delivered a premier app to our client so that their customers can save both time and money as well.
What Did
Technical Specifications