Case Study
The Project

The Sake Sommelier Academy (SSA) has been leading the sake education in the UK since 2000 and is still at the forefront with innovative courses. They are based in London and have expanded to provide Sake Sommelier certification across the world. We offer a comprehensive list of courses to suit all levels.

Since the establishment of the Academy in London in 2000, They have been focusing on maintaining small classrooms for all the courses, but have built a network of over 1,000 Certified Sake Sommeliers. Now they are proud to be able to offer courses in 18 countries spread over three continents.

Specific Problems We Diagnosed
It was difficult to manage overall users timeline, mainly to manage comments and their respective replies were challenging to understand.
Another difficulty was to manage the posts and keep the data at the backend with text contents, images, videos and audios too.
What did
What TechTIQ Did

As per clients requirement, we decided to gather the users to share thoughts and experiences. We develop a social portal where users can share their thoughts and discuss them with multiple users. Also, users can share their ideas through multimedia like images, videos and audio too.

We also created the function for users to manage their accounts.

Then we develop a chat system where their users can easily interact with each other and discuss one-to-one.

We also designed a section from where the users can subscribe for newsletters to get the notifications about the Sake Sommelier Academy's new events and courses.

We also built an admin portal to manage users on the site.

We believe that we succeed when our clients succeed.
What our Client Achieved
Perfect training experience study of wine processing and how to make a magical liquid.
Great Culinary platform to and experience to taste with expert sommeliers.
Technologies We Used
Laravel PHP 5.0
Jquery / javascript
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