Case Study
The Project

For a long time, the engineering department at Imperial College London had to work with an old system to create metal forming simulations based on input from their clients.

They spent quite a lot of time deciphering each of the modules, and which particular user input data from a particular module and this increased the amount of admin work that was involved in delivering these forming simulations.

After reviewing a number of companies to redesign the entire user experience and rebuild the backend, Smartforming (project crew) choose TechTIQ because of our creative thinking, and expertise in building front and backend applications.

Specific Problems We Diagnosed
They had a poorly built backend system with outdated coding methods
The front end of the system had not built with the user in mind, hence why it was harder to navigate.
What did
What TechTIQ Did?

Our design team decided to recreate the entire front end of the web portal, to produce an intuitive, smooth and futuristic look that portrayed the message of "metal forming simulation".

We then created the ability for users to create and manage their accounts as well as their forming simulations that they have submitted for each of the complex forming modules

We also created an admin portal to make it easier for the team at smartforming to manage their users, and the submissions that they had created, each assigned to particular users for easy identification. Admin was also able to receive notifications on the main user actions.

We had a very tight deadline, and we managed to pull this off in a space of 2 weeks, and an extra week where we carried out our testing and quality assurance just to make sure it was not buggy

We believe that we succeed when our clients succeed.
What our Client Achieved?
Reduced manual workload by 200% as it was not easier for them to execute the simulations with easier and organised data.
The new front end we designed smoothened and made the user experience on the site better, resulting in a lower onboarding time.
Technologies We Used
Laravel PHP 5.0
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