Case Study
The Project

Wideek offers IT support services to professionals and individuals who are experiencing a breakdown or needing other IT services. With Wideek Geekers, you always find the right solution for all your computer problems at the lowest possible cost, as quickly as possible.

Take advantage of experts to know-how to keep your equipment and computer systems safe from threats. With the Geekers' expertise, secure your data, boost the performance of your hardware and handle tricky installation tasks.

To be more efficient, the platform puts the customer in touch with a technician who resides near their home. The latter, after a first telephone contact, takes care of the problem remotely or on-site, at your convenience.

Specific Problems We Diagnosed
It was a great task to develop a fantastic app as Wedeek as it offers IT support services for all. Below are some problems we had to face at the time of app development.
Had a problem in developing the application in 2 languages, i.e., French and English.
After completion of App client changed his requirement so many issues we had to face.
Problems We
What TechTIQ Did
With the great efforts, our team succeed in developing the Robust App with the best Specifications.
We developed an integrated Mangopay payment gateway and customised it accordingly. With it, the customer confirmation is needed, but only while adding the payment card, that will be 3d secure once the card is added. So the payment can be deducted from the user's account directly without any confirmation.
We build an architecture which can detect the phone language, and if the phone language is french then the application will be opened in the French language otherwise the language will be English.
What Did
Technical Specifications