Cross-Platform mobile Apps
What are Cross-Platform Apps?

A cross platform mobile app allows the developer to write the code only once. And helps them deploy it across multiple platforms like Android, iOS or Windows.

This makes development and maintenance of the app easier and faster and eventually reduces cost. TechTIQ Solutions had developed cross platform mobile apps for various companies helping them grow faster.

Native Cross-Platform Apps Services
Native Cross-Platform Apps

Our designers are experienced in the design field and posses years of experience working with the Android environment. They create designs that leverage the android design environment perfectly.

Applications are fluid and fast if they go with the flow of the OS and Android as flexible as it is, makes designing apps even more flexible and powerful.

Native Cross-Platform Mobile Apps Development
Hybrid Cross-Platform Mobile Apps Development
Hybrid 'HTML5' Cross-Platform Apps

Building cross platform mobile apps becomes easier with hybrid mobile apps development . Utilizing the components provided by mobile HTML5 UI frameworks you can easily create a responsive app. Written with HTML5 and JavaScript makes them easily accessible on all platforms. This enables a native experience to the users without the heaviness and expense of a native app.

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With our vast experience working with different technologies and services, we can implement a variety of technology stacks that our clients might request.
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Expert Cross platform mobile app developers
We have a team of seasoned experts having a years of hands on experience in developing a brand array of cross platform mobile apps for diverse industry verticals.
Cross Platform App Development
Reusable Code
Eliminate the need for repetitive tasks. No need to write a fresh piece of code for specific task or action, developers can directly reuse the codes for the other platforms.
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Economically viable for organizations as it uses only a single codebase for multiple mobile platforms like Android, IOS and Windows.
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The single codebase used for developing a cross-platform app maintains the complete look and feel and consistency of the app across all platforms.
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