Custom Website Design

Why should you be Interested?

  • 01. Provide your own custom logo
  • 02. Customized email headers, layouts & styles
  • 03. Optimizing design as search engine friendly
  • 04. Design proper website for our clients.
  • 05. Provide in-depth monthly reporting
  • 06. Proving clients that you’re delivering value
  • 07. Monitor your clients’ web assets
  • 08. Website identification of customer’s perspective

Digital Team, at Your Service

When people visit your website, your website is your company. If you want an identity that sets you apart from competitors, a custom design is critical. So that is why before we start designing we study your business. With the number of websites that your customers see every day, having a website that is memorable and easy to use is a great way to set ones business apart. Custom web designs do just that while allowing the business owner to explore a unique presentation of their information. You will be asked a lot of questions so we know the ins and outs of your business to best understand customer behavior pattern and design accordingly. Only after we’ve studied your business our designers will begin work on designing. And a design is much more than just what your website will look. It will include prioritizing information; it will decide user navigation patterns from the previously studied behavior and drive them to take actions and converts easily.

Homepage design gets special attention. It is the first impression of your company. A good design will also lead Google to give you a higher ranking. There are more things to be considered in setting up a web site that there were a few years ago, especially with the advent of mobile devices, social media and search engines. We will get the features that best suit your needs and customize them to blend seamlessly with the rest of your site. They will be inexpensive, reliable and user-friendly. We can make your website automatically adjust to look just as good and work just as well on phones and tablets as on computers. You won’t need to have different websites for different devices. With a template, effecting changes to reflect the growth of a web site such as e-commerce, better social networking and blogs or forums may be harder to do. Custom web designs on the other hand provide the necessary freedom. More searches are now done on smart phones than on computers, and Google now gives mobile-friendly sites a higher ranking in search results. TechTIQ Solutions creates one of the most stunning and efficient custom web design in London, UK.

Why Choose Us?

We customize your website in a style that gives you the greatest flexibility to respond to changes in the publishing business.

Planned Structure

Background Study

Expert Designers

Authentic Designs

We customize your website in a format that gives you the greatest flexibility to respond to changes in the publishing business.

Our Promise

Focus on Content

We position your content in a manner where it gets maximum focus

Captivating Layout

Interactive designs that engage and retain visitors

Completely Editable

Elements which are fully editable for any future changes to layout

Elements Modification

Colors, menus etc from current themes are edited as per your needs

Quality Testing

Best practices and standards are used while designing

Easy Navigation

All the navigation will be smooth enough to make it user friendly

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