We assist our clients by seamlessly blending their business plan, experience, talents and technology to transform business and realise long-lasting growth.
Intensify Your Ability
At TechTIQ, we continually monitor your customers’ journey, as it helps us to know techniques to assist you in improving as well as managing your competitive point. Digitization is essential to any company's future and growth.
QA Automation
QA automation assists you to build and deliver reliable solutions and products faster. Our experts can help you place the correct framework collectively to leverage present testers, provide quality pieces instantly.
Legacy Transformation
TechTIQ Solutions has experience in rebuilding a product or a system. It can be quite difficult to replace a specific product entirely, but our experts do it efficiently and produce the best and help clients transform their businesses.
Need To Transform Your Business Digitally??
Accredited Process

TechTIQ solutions is a digital transformation agency in London which produces transformation through an accredited process. Our accredited process is supportive, compatible, and also objective.

We ensure that your broad brand vision, user experience as well as organisational culture are streamlined so that your company can succeed. We use technology as the facilitator of transformation. At TechTIQ, our team focuses on the success of your products and services.


Get Beyond Your Expectations.

Look what our clients say.

United kingdom
Developing a website is not everyone’s cup of tea. However, it has become the necessity of today’s time, and this is one of the most reliable companies for the same.
Mack Robinson
United kingdom
I required an update to my website and an app developed. Chris was extremely well educated and knew the subject matters very well and in-depth. TechTIQ were able to give a full service that enabled my business to grow and expand to accommodate the needs of my new clients. I would highly recommend their services.
Dhiren Mistry
United kingdom
If you will ask me to define this company in one word, then I would say ‘Amazing’. They have delivered a smooth, innovative, and eye-catchy website design to me.
William James
United kingdom
These guys are awesome! Special thanks to Chris and his tech guys at TECHTIQ for such a wonderfully built mobile app!
Eugene Hill