Why Choose TechTIQ For Your Full Stack Development?
Extreme Vetting and Hiring Process
Our developers go through an extreme vetting process before they get hired to ensure that we pick out the top 1% of talent to work on our client’s projects.
Pain-less Communication
Our developers are all fluent in speaking, writing and reading English, having passed a number of English tests in the vetting process before getting hired.
Zero Risk
We offer a payment guarantee to try out all our developers, you will only have to pay if you are satisfied with the work they have done.
No need to micromanage
Our developers can all think fast and on their feet with innovativeness and outside-the-box thinking at the core of why they get hired in the fast place.
Faster Time to Market
Our developers are familiar with an agile and continuous delivery approach so we can deliver frequently and get fast feedback on what users care about.
You Retain the Intellectual Property
Our customers love us because they get to keep all their IP from the very beginning of the project with no strings attached. In case you end up building your own internal team.
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Our Awesome Work
"Some of the website we have delivered for our clients"
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You are protected by our…
No-Risk Guarantee.
No Sloppy Developers
I know you have heard of some outsourcing nightmares, or hired a developer in-house and it all went wrong. Each one of our developers are vetted and handpicked from different places based on their experience and expertise.

Our office environment also ensures that they are constantly excited about the challenge and that positively impacts their output.

Money-Back Guarantee.
We are really certain of the quality and value our developers can bring to your table that we are happy to refund you every single penny if they don’t deliver.

Therefore you can hire our developers and rest assured that nothing will go wrong with your investment.

London Based Company
TechTIQ Solutions is incorporated and registered in London, you will have a point of contact in London at all times as well to ensure smooth delivery of your projects and workflow.

Our supporting development centre in Nashik, is well positioned in a techhub of India ensuring we have access to the best talent pool of developers.