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Why should you be Interested?

  • 01. Dedicated Developer Working Only for You
  • 02. Front-end and Back-end technology experts
  • 03. Sound experience of  AngularJS, Ruby on Rails, React, ExpressJS, PHP
  • 04. Prompt and Continuous Communication
  • 05. API Development and Integration
  • 06. Quality Assurance and Testing

Digital Team, at Your Service

We Understand and translate the goals and actions of the actual users into an experience and design that adapts to their needs. Our full-stack developers are an exceptional group of experienced engineers with strong backgrounds in algorithms and object-oriented programming. We have generally found self-professed "JavaScript ninjas" to be lacking when it comes to designing and implementing complex software architectures. As a result, we tend to hire C++ and Java experts and train them in the intricacies of JavaScript development ourselves.

Our front-end developers focus specifically on the presentation and interaction layer of web apps and mobile applications. They specialize in modern CSS3 and use newer properties like animations and key frames to achieve effects that once required Flash or jQuery. They also have extensive experience using media queries to implement responsive designs that work well across a range of devices and screens. Experts at TechTIQ Solutions utilize current JavaScript libraries, HTML, CSS and more to build a responsive site that brings the user experience to life across browsers and mobile devices.

Why Choose Us?

Full-Stack developers at TechTIQ Solutions are experts in Fornt-end, Back-end and Database management frameworks.

Fully Secure

Award Winning Designs

Open Communication

Maintenance and Support

We promise to deliver a robust product supported by the best industry minds who possess thorough knowledge of world class technologies.

Our Promise

Custom Dashboard

Supports structured business with meaning and useful data in one page

Advanced Plug-ins

Enabling third party apps to perform additional features

Search Engine Optimization

Improving the ranking (visibility) of a website in search engines

Logical Structure

Tasks users gets guided appropriately and easy task completion.

Responsive Development

Build web pages that detect the visitor’s orientation and screen size, change the layout accordingly.

Minimum Load Time

For Google Bot crawling of website hence indexing your website by Google.

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