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What We Provide

AngularJS is an HTML booster. It is a programming framework that allows you to create dynamic content using JavaScript, CSS and HTML. AngularJS has its maximum advantage when it is used for front end development and single page applications. Seasoned AngularJS developers at TechTIQ Solutions are experts in developing wonderful user interfaces, which in turn result in highly interactive and dynamic websites.
Our Promise

Hiring at TechTIQ Solutions brings along…

Round the Clock Support

Dedicated 24/7 support just a phone call away.

Customer Centric Approach

We believe customers are who drive a business and hence they stay at the center of our design.

Skilled Team

Our team comprise of some the best industry experts with vast technology experience across various platforms who promise timely deliver.

Flexible Business Model

Our work model is designed to be flexible to our clients preferences and time zones.

One Stop Shop

We encompass all avenues of brand building, application design, development and maintenance. Covering everything that a business needs to grow.

Customer Satisfaction

Our ultimate goal is to meet your goals the way you want them to be. We grow if you grow.

Few bonus perks...
Freedom from Hardware

Freedom from Hardware

Our one stop shop comprises of all hardware needed ensuring you save on additional hardware costs.
Timely Delivery

Timely Delivery

We deliver on deadlines to make sure your product launches on time for its success journey.
Complete Transparency

Complete Transparency

You have access to our Project management system for tracking ongoing development. Any feedback is simultaneously integrated into the system.
Source code authorization

After sales maintenance

Successful software development doesn’t end at delivery. We take care of maintaining and updating, and support your software solutions so you to can focus on adapting to changing market trends efficiently.