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The importance of iPhone apps cannot be ignored before making any digital marketing strategy for the year. iPhone apps development have gripped businesses around the world. We have worked on cutting-edge iPad Apps development, iPad software development & customization iPad apps development in London, UK since the announcement of the iPad. We have designed specific to take advantage of the bigger screen holding 1024 X 768 resolution and a blazing fast processor. If you have any idea, our team of iPhone apps developers can convert that into a business application for your clients and your employees.

This opens up the whole new set of applications which are faster and able to process a lot more information without the restriction of smaller screen. IPad delivers to a world audience that is different on many levels but uses the same platform to do it. We strive to develop applications with great quality; building techniques to improve our process as well as our practices. All developers at TechTIQ in London have extensive experience in programming for mobile platforms and are involved from the design phase to the delivery execution. Our iPad application development services team & iPad software customization programmers are already familiar in building application on iPhone SDK.

Leveraging on the advantage of mobile phone application development involves solid understanding of respective functionality and usage patterns i.e. how, when and why the audience shall use a specific mobile application. On the basis of these solid ground works, custom iPhone applications are designed catering to preferences of time killers to focused users. Working on iPad is a similar process. We strive to develop application with the highest quality; building techniques to improve our process as well as our practices. All of our developers have extensive experience in programming on mobile platforms and are involved from the design phase to the delivery. We have been applauded for our initiatives to create innovative, intuitive, and cost-effective iPhone applications. We design to the futuristic demands of our clients’ clients.

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Our native iPad app development services ensure that your app is polished, flawless and capable of taking advantage of the features offered by iOS.

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iPad App Development


Custom Services

Step into the promising market of enterprise computing. Make an iPad app with TechTIQ Solutions!

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Custom Controls

New user interface element as a native Cocoa control for your app.


Core Animation and OpenGL for maximum visual impact.

Quick Load Time

A good way to monitor mobile application performance.

Web Services

Mobile applications with new or existing web services.

Multilingual Localization

Translating app into multiple languages for different regions and cultures.

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For proper quick response from visitors

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