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How to Add Tables without Coding In WordPress Using Tablepress

WordPress using Tablepress and web development london

Not everyone is a coder, its difficult right? When it comes to creating tables WordPress comes to your rescue with Plugins like TablePress. TablePress is a free plug-in that makes it easy to add tables in WordPress.

  • Setting up TablePress

Step 1: TablePress is a free plug-in. To use TablePress, you first need to install the plug-in from WordPress official repository. TablePress section will appear in your WordPress dashboard sidebar.

Setting up TablePress of wordpress web development london

  • Adding Tables

Step 1: Select Add Table from the tabs at the top of the TablePress interface to add new tables.
Step 2: Fill in the required info such as name, description and choose the number of rows and columns you want your table.
Step 3: Then click on Add Table highlighted in blue.

Adding Tables in wordpress web development london


  • Adding Content

Step 1: Scroll below to Table Content and click on it.
Step 2: Add content by typing directly into the table.
Tip: Tables can also be rearranged by dragging and dropping columns and rows.

Adding Content in wordpress web development london


  • Insert Images

Step 1: Scroll down to Table Manipulation and click on Insert Image.
Step 2: Click directly into the box in the table above where you want the image to appear.
Step 3: Then click on Insert into Table.
Tip: You can either choose an image from templates or upload from your local drive.


insert images in wordpress web development london


  • Insert a Link

    Step 1: Click on Insert Link in the Table Manipulation section.
    Step 2: Click into the box in the table above where you want the link to appear. Configure your link in the popup window.
    Step 3: Once you are done, select Add Link.

  • Editing Table Structure

To combine cells, hide or add rows, duplicate, insert and delete rows go to Table Manipulation
Step 1: To modify your table, click on the row you want to edit.
Step 2: Then select the appropriate effect.
Step 3: Select Save Changes at the bottom of the page when done.

  • Re-Editing the tables

    Step 1: Select TablePress and click on All Tables from your WordPress menu.
    Step 2: Select the table you want to edit.

Re-editing the table in wordpress web development london


  • Insert table in a page/post

    Step 1: Open an existing or a new page or a post where you want to display the table.
    Step 2: Select the TablePress Icon from the Editor Toolbar.
    Step 3: Choose the table you want to insert into the post and click on the Insert Shortcode button in front of it. A Shortcode for the table you selected will be inserted into the content area of the post Editor.

Insert table in a page/post


  • Exporting a table

    Step 1: Go to your WordPress admin panel and select Tablepress.
    Step 2. Click on Export a table.

Exporting a table


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