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How to Find and Fix Broken Links in WordPress?

Broken links can create a negative user experience and increase the bounce rate. Which can also create a bad impact on your SEO program. So we will teach you how to detect and Fix those annoying 404 errors on your website. WordPress makes it quite easy to look for broken links and fix them.

But broken link fixing is associated with optimization process, which does not come with WordPress by default. So you have to find and install a plugin for it. Once your plugin is installed and applied. You can follow given steps and fix the links.

Broken link checker plugin

So lets get started with finding and fixing the broken links.

Step 1: Click on tools and select Broken Links.

broken link option


Step 2: Once you find the broken links, hover over the link. Select the edit link option that appears. (You can remove the link as well if you want)

broken link

broken link checker

Tip: anchor text and the URL are both changeable.

Tip: The broken checker will keep scanning for broken links. You can do that from the settings tab. You can also set the notification setting to let you know of any new broken links through email.

broken link checker notification



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