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How To Link New Article Menu In Joomla 3


Joomla 3 gives amazingly extensive types of choice for making unique types of content and for organizing it on your site. The instructional activity reveals How to link new article menu in Joomla 3 and show it in the menu of your Joomla site.

Step 1

Once after making a new article in Joomla 3, you may want to link directly to it from a menu.


add new menu item


Click on Button Menus – a drop down will show up enable you to pick the menu you wish to add your article to

Every menu are recorded here – click on the menu you wish to utilize


 Step 2


menu title


Give your menu item a title, this is the thing that will show up for guests in the menu

For menu compose click select> Another window will open


Step 3


menu type


Pick single article

Step 4


select article


Click select Article > another window will open

Step 5


choose article


Pick your article

Step 6


top level or sub menu


Pick if this will be a root thing/item top level or a submenu thing/item then save.

Step 7


reordering the menu


1 You will see your new menu thing/item has shown up on the menu

2 You would now be able to reorder your menu things/item

3 Hover over the menu thing until the crosshair image shows up, you would then be able to move the menu things to reorder.

Visit one of your pages, invigorate the page and your new menu thing will be visible



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