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Top Success Tips for Search Engine Optimization

web development london and SEO

If you really want to know how to implement SEO to get your website rank with web development london high then follow these 4 easy rules:

1. Google helps those ‘who’ help people:

Fittest survives! Similar theory applies to all, even to ‘Google’. They do not want to loose their place to other search engines just because some SEO people want their ‘not’ so important sites  to rank at the 1st page. Google is there for ‘people’!

They want to provide the best experience to the person using their search engine to read something important. Here you need to understand that Google will never let bad webpages rank high at any cost.

2. Content is King! And it always was!

  • The pages/ sites with relevant content to the search query (keyword) will be always on the top!
  • Google gives priority to informative sites whenever a ‘generic keyword’ is fired by a user.
  • Google updates its Crawler with a high tech algorithm to do justice to the really good content. So your focus should be a very good content in order to attract the crowd.
  • Good, relevant, informative, content will make visitors to spend some time on your webpage. This improves the ‘Engaging time’ we talk about so often.


3. UX Design & UI Design:

  • Pages within your website should have a user friendly navigation. That means you should not make your webpage look complicated to find something. The internet-phobic crowd will pull off immediately. This also makes your bounce rate look horrible.
  • Use proper set of colors and fonts: This is a big deal, as we are dealing with the psychology of the people. We need to know what set of colors to use where! Every business type will require a different set of colors and fonts to resemble and represent their work to their relevant audience.


4. Quality Offpage Submissions

Sites with high domain authority should be chosen for submissions.
Less is more. Do not force the website moderator to black list you for extreme frequent submissions! Qualitative Submissions win hands down against Quantitative Submissions!
Content is important here as well. Good, readable, engaging content with hyper-linking is the key. Credit Source: Quora


web development london and SEO



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