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How to Increase Your Website Loading Speed by Compressing CSS Script in Web Development

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As Per web development and design page load time is a big part of the user experience thus your responsive website speed can build or break conversion rates and impact your site’s revenue.

Hence you can keep your page load time low by writing small schematic codes. Using best practices and periodically cleanup up your CSS Script can be really helpful.

Here, We going to help you on how to improve your web speed in Few Steps.

Follow This steps

1. Take Your CSS Script to MiniMzer

Identify the long CSS Script on your website,  then search for CSS Minifier.


Take Your CSS Script to MiniMzer in web development london


2. Compress Your Script

Choose any of this tool to Compress your Script, Now insert that Script on that tool.


Compress Your Script web development london



3. Increase Your Page Load Speed


Click on Minify and get your compressed CSS Code job done.


Increase Your Load Speed web development london



Download file from the tool, upload it to your HTML codes and increase your Page speed.




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