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Why Content is important for SEO?

content is the king

To figure out how the search engine’s algorithm works? And to conclude the most important factor for increasing page rank is no easy task. The Internet is constantly expanding, every day there are thousands of new websites getting built. And to incorporate them in the SERP according to their relevance is a hard task that Search Engine’s algorithm play everyday without fail. They have to be cruel towards spammy sites and pages that add very little value, information and knowledge to the visitor’s quest. The goal of a search engine is to provide its users with best results that shall fulfill their quest which they had expressed through their search query. To maintain their relevancy, search engines have to amend the algorithms which then quantify the factors like relevancy and usefulness of the content. One viral talk of the SEO community these days is ‘the freshness of content’.

Your site content is the establishing factor for each SEO procedure you actualize on your site. It is, basically, the fuel that drives the engine. Things being what they are, you need to pull your socks up in order to develop a fresh, quality content that will act as catalyst to drive your website to some of the top positions.
Longer content (1,000+ words) are helpful in driving your webpage to the upper set of rankings. Whereas, 600-700 words per page is optimal and still effective, says a professional SEO Consultant.  However, Google’s standards advice webmasters to add more content to their websites if it has not more than 300 words per page. As then the webpage is tagged under the label ‘thin’, and hence probably it won’t rank as high as it could have had in search results.


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