- Design and build a website that would increase sales for the company through increased conversions.
- Design and build a website that would rank higher in the search engines and attract more organic traffic
- Design & build a website that provides users a personalised customer experience ultimately driving sales.
- Build a website that is easy to operate for the staff and fully integrated in their brick and mortar store as well as inventory management systems.

What we did!

Designs and Prototyping:

We would then create the actual design of the platform; with the colour specifications agreed upon to give you a visual clue of the app along with the user experience.

After discussions and iterations of these designs, we would then move forward into the development.

Design & Prototyping

We then turned the initial wireframes into prototypes of the entire user experience both as clickable prototypes and videos.

A prototype is simply an early sample, model, or release of a product built to test a concept or process.


We then turned each of the designs and prototypes into fully fledged applications.

We have a team of front end developers, back-end developers, mobile app developers and product managers to lead this process.

Testing and Launch

Once you give us a go ahead to start the project, we shall create computerised sketches of what the potential user interface and experience would look like.

We would then discuss the wireframes with you and make iterations to make sure it is as close to perfect as possible.

Marketing & Optimisation

The product lifecycle does not end at the launch, as we continously have to understand how users are interacting with it to make improvements.

Intuitive mobile shopping experience.

We designed a responsive version of the ecommerce website that would allow users to shop large and small appliances on a mobile device, easily navigating through different products, and seeing key features and descriptions without being overwhelmed with technical specifications.

Easy checkout & delivery process

A simplistic and easy checkout process drives conversions, an element that we emphasised in the user experience design of this project.

Seamless experience

we understand all the nuances of a successful ecommerce website, from the front end customer experience to the logistics behind the scenes. We build an ecommerce website that your customers and employees would like.

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