technical support monitoring
Proactive Monitoring

Dedicated technical experts at TechTIQ Solutions value every second of your time, they are trained to detect issues and initiate preventive actions. All of your support needs are supervised and provided with proactive problem resolution and safeguard your interest 24x7. A Faster disaster recovery is thus facilitates easy management of critical applications.

network monitoring
Infrastructure health monitoring

TechTIQ Solutions keeps engineers updates and trains them to monitor your network services (Ping, HTTP, SSH, FTP, etc.), network's speed efficiency, disk access speed, bandwidth utilization, switches, routers and as well as the traffic flow on your website simultaneously for detecting anomalies. They initiate immediate Fail-over procedures in case of any blackouts to avoid interruption of services.

network monitoring
network monitoring
Security Monitoring

We provide real-time analysis of your network data and significantly improve detection and response time to potential security threats. You will be able to control your security systems from a single interface. We evaluate Log files and databases for vulnerabilities by our network security experts and detect potential vulnerabilities to the system.

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Our Awesome Features
With our vast experience working with different technologies and services, we can implement a variety of technology stacks that our clients might request.
24×7 Network Monitoring
TechTIQ helps organizations by 24×7 remote network monitoring services which include locating and resolving issues that are related to your website, bandwidth, backups, or CPU.
Reduce Downtime
We act proactively to maintain transparency and rectify issues seamlessly. To evaluate the performance of systems, we monitor the server and make sure operational efficiency is achieved. Thus, downtime is reduced.
Cost Saving
While outsourcing your remote network monitoring services to TechTIQ you eliminate expenses required for resources and the sturdy infrastructural set up. This makes budget management easy.
Enhance capacity planning
We gives you detailed statistics relating to all areas of your IT infrastructure so you can make informed investment choices based on real trends.
Increase reliability and performance
We deliver the Comprehensive monitoring services which minimises unnecessary outages, improves system performance and delivers a better IT service.
Network Health Monitoring
We Visualize and resolve WAN/ router problems. Monitor router and interfaces, bandwidth, WAN links for availability and performance.
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