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  • 01. Flexible SEO structure
  • 02. Convenient implementation of dynamic functionality
  • 03. Flexible SEO structure
  • 04. Helps to establish identity
  • 05. Reliable W3C coding
  • 06. Multiple browser support
  • 07. Error free website
  • 08. Professional look and feel of your website

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PSD to HTML5 has emerged as one of the top-notch solutions to tackle the problems that have not been properly solved by PSD to HTML. There is an inbuilt audio and video support system within PSD to HTML5. So you do not need to install third party application for hosting. You can create flowcharts, 2D games, phenomenal graphic interfaces that are something more attractive than traditional HTML and CSS. Some of the biggest players in web industry like Apple and Google also support the development of HTML5 and appreciate the concept behind PSD to HTML5 conversion, and that was to integrate web technologies with mobile platforms.

Starting from uploading your PSD to manual verification, project acceptance, project development, testing and delivery, we are committed to deliver the highest quality output at the each stage of the HTML coding. We will convert your files into HTML and bring you cross-browsers compatibility. Moreover, the present mobile devices and web technology have been amalgamated to explore the entire world on your mobile. With an advent of HTML5 and CSS3, the experience of the web on mobile has become more spectacular now. You will be able to access your delivered file from both Smartphone’s and computes, on any browser that has a similar interface. All our codes are handmade and are not coded by any software for HTML coding. Clarity is an important part of our project development that helps us achieve the optimum output for the every project we execute. We have found the best combination of tools for conversion in order to enhance your website performance.

What differentiate us from other companies are the optimized CSS and HTML codes that are 100% optimized to achieve perfection. In order to do this, they will remove the code's redundant part. Our conversions will allow you to enjoy a well-categorized website structure, which will not only improve the speed, but the navigation, too. Speed is improved by reducing the time for loading, while our experts will work wonders in improving the navigation of your website. We have one of the best team of programmers that work hard to provide you with not only hand coded website, but also a website that follows all W3C validation parameters. This allows us to remove coding errors that arise from converting your files, which as a result will help you rank higher in the search engine.

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We at Techtiq Solutions convert your design concepts into high-quality HTML5 + CSS3 coded along with JavaScript by our front-end developers.

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We can meet any imagination and expectations to deliver your work embraced with rich quality and class.

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100% Pixel Perfect Design

Create pixel perfect design that looks stunning on screens.

Efficacious Coding

Proper coding to deliver the best in short time limit.

Quality Standards

Meeting international standards and norms to deliver the best result.

SEO Friendly Web Pages

SEO pages that attract more visitors.

Mobile Compatibility

Ensure wider reach as the site can be visited using any mobile device.

CSS Framework

Make the development of standards web page easily and effectively.

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