Aesthetic Design Services
Aesthetic Design

TechTIQ Solutions creates compelling website designs that convey your attitude and personality to your customers. Website designs by TechTIQ are clean, stylish, direct and welcoming to the users. Our bespoke design & development are centered around customer experience and follow best practices to attract niche consumer base and keep them hooked. This approach towards designs helps our clients gain better ROI’s by increasing conversion factors exponentially.

 Latest Website Functionality
Robust Functionality

TechTIQ developers are highly experienced in improving website functionality from the core up. Our developers ensure your customers experience is fast and fluid. A rigorous AB testing is performed on each component of our websites before it is compiled to be tested as a whole. Once we decide the beta stage is through, only then we deliver it to our clients for testing before we perform any implementations. Quality, efficiency and precision are what we look for when we create websites for our clients.

 Latest Website Functionality
 Responsive web Development Services
Responsive Development

Responsiveness is central to all our designs. Most users are on Smartphone’s now and your website will meet all modern standards. We make sure that all of your content and pages are flexible across multiple screen resolutions and devices providing optimal performance. A responsive web design from us is rewarded by impressive conversions and better ROI’s for our clients. High responsiveness will take your website to the top of SERP rankings attracting even bigger clientele to your business.

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Our Awesome Features
With our vast experience working with different technologies and services, we can implement a variety of technology stacks that our clients might request.
TechTIQ Solutions
Bespoke Web Apps
Our web designers thoroughly analyze your business to create flexible & cost effective, customized web design and development solution.
TechTIQ Solutions
Content Management Systems
Our Content Management Systems provides effortlessly dealing with the site content. Some of our CMS development services include WordPress, Drupal, and Magento.
TechTIQ Solutions
Open Source Technologies
We work with cutting edge open-source tech like PHP, My SQL and many others to keep adaptability intact. Reduced licensing costs are added benefits to the whole process.
TechTIQ Solutions
Ecommerce Solutions
We viol ecommerce solutions of professional nature that help your business generate incredible ROI’s from conversions.
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